Beginner half marathon tips from an average runner

So, like probably a lot of other runners, I’m always looking online for new tips and hints for the next race I’m doing. I thought I’d put together a few of my own tips that I’ve learnt along the way which will hopefully help at least one other runner out there. Get a good training

A dodgy knee PB – Reading Half Marathon race review

It’s been a while.. Without ruining my ‘catch up’ blog post, yeah I’ve got a dodgy knee. There were a few days where I thought about actually pulling out of the Reading half but I decided to just go and enjoy it. I’ve run it twice before and it’s easily my favourite race. It’s also

My ego hurts / Wokingham Half Marathon and what I learnt from it

I’ve got very mixed feelings about my race on Sunday. I’ll do a breakdown of the whole day but as you can tell by the title, it didn’t exactly go to plan.. Race morning The start time was 10am and as I live next to Wokingham I didn’t have to get up that early. I think I