My longest run so far / Another injury / Marathon training update

Yep, I got ANOTHER injury. I’m starting to think my doctor was right when he said I wasn’t made for running! Spoiler alert, I’m back running again.. I had a week and a bit off because of some pain near my achilles and I’m just about back to training properly. I did have this post

My new marathon training plan / gym plan / catch up

Time to dust off the cobwebs on this blog! Since I got injured and had that 2 week rest I just couldn’t get round to writing much. So now I have a huge list of posts to write and thought I’d start with a short update on my Paris marathon plan and gym plan/routine. The

No more running for me – Paris Marathon training week 4

Yep, it happened.. I got an injury. It’s 100% my own fault as I haven’t been stretching enough and just looking after my body considering the increased miles. I’m no doctor so I can’t tell you what’s actually wrong with me but I’ve got a lot of pain in my right calf. I’ve always had