I’M IN THE SUB 2 SQUAD (a month early) – RTAS2H

So.. I wasn’t expecting to be writing this so early, but I finally made it into the sub 2 hour half marathon squad. I haven’t run a half marathon since the 2017 Reading Half which was early last year and that didn’t go too great. I had a lot of reoccurring injuries and ended up

Summer Welly 10K Race Recap – RTAS2H #6

Another instalment of the Road To A Sub 2 Half series was long overdue, so I thought I’d do a quick race recap. It was the Summer Welly 10k and it’s the summer version of the very popular Muddy Welly which attracts thousands. Going into this race I wasn’t really sure what it would be

My First Trail Run / New Running Club – RTAS2H #5

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the series but I’ll try to avoid making this too long. I’ve been quite busy outside of running but still managed to get a few bits done, as you can tell by the title. I joined a running club This is something I’d been considering for a while