Fitness Tech I’m Using Right Now

These are 3 bits of fitness tech that I’m using at the moment. I’ll split each product up between gym and running because I use each of them for different things at different times.

Apple Watch Series 3 Nike + Edition

This is my third Apple Watch now and it’s definitely my favourite bit of fitness tech. I’ve seen some people moaning about it’s fitness abilities but I’m not exactly an olympic athlete so this is perfect for me.


The Apple Watch is more than good enough for my running, especially the Nike + Edition. I use the Nike Running Club app to track everything but I’ve also heard good things about the Strava app. It’s so easy to use and if you have the Nike watch you can access the running app straight from the home watch face. You then just press the huge ‘go’ button and you’re off. Probably the best thing about this app is that it speaks to you and tells you your distance and timings. You can use the Apple activity tracker but I prefer to share my runs on the Nike app.


This will sound stupid but I feel so lost if I’m not wearing my watch in the gym. I don’t use any fancy gym apps, I just use the Apple activity tracker and it does the job. It’s got a bunch of different workout types on there and with a not-so recent update, it now has HIIT as an option. By far the best thing about the activity app is that once you’re in a workout, you can swipe the screen and bring up the music app. This means you don’t have to mess around and pause your workout when you need to change song.

There are probably things that the Apple Watch can’t do in terms of fitness but for now, it’s serving it’s purpose very well.

Apple Airpods

Just before writing this, I thought I’d lost my Airpods and whilst I was trying to remain calm, my mum said ‘okay it’s officially time to start panicking’. Luckily they were found (women can find anything given the chance) because since buying them, I’ve literally used them every single day.


I’ve only run with these a few times and they’re okay. If I didn’t have Powerbeats I’d probably do all of my running with them but they just don’t compare in this department. However, if you need new headphones in general, I’d recommend running with them. They’re light enough to forget about them even being there and although it doesn’t say they are, they’ve proved pretty sweat proof so far. I’m going to invest in some skins for them to make them more snug when I run and don’t have my Powerbeats with me.


These are for me, the perfect gym headphones. They’re wireless, light, unofficially sweat proof and the sound quality is decent enough. The battery on these is crazy and I won’t bore you with official numbers but I charge the case no more than once a week. However, by far the standout feature for me is that the music pauses when you take one Airpod out and then starts again when you put it back in. This means you can quickly have a chat with someone without having to get your phone out or if one falls out, the music will stop and you’ll realise. They link up perfectly with the Apple Watch too which is a bonus.

Powerbeats 3

I’ve had these for about 12 months now and up until I got Airpods, they were used every single day. The bass on these is madness for tiny little headphone but I guess that lives up to the Beats tradition.


The Powerbeats are my go-to running headphones and probably will be until they die on me. It’s impossible to lose them whilst they’re on, unless you have the world’s floppiest ears. What’s even better is that they’re completely sweat proof, so when you’re smashing your run out in 20 degree heat you won’t break them. I know Beats have a reputation for being overpriced but for what you get, it’s completely worth it.


These are decent for the gym, just not as good as the Airpods. The heavy bass will help you get pumped though and they do a good job at blocking out noise from other people. If you want to zone out from everyone else and just kill your workout then these are perfect. There isn’t much else to say about them without repeating myself but a combination of heavy bass, no wires and amazing battery life definitely justifies buying these.


I hope I didn’t ramble on and actually spoke a bit of sense. I know these aren’t exactly the cheapest of products but it’s what I’m using right now so I can give a fairly decent opinion. Leave a comment if you want to try or are already trying any of these products and let me know what you think.

Where I Got Them

Watch(£359.00) –

Airpods(£159.00) & Powerbeats(£169.95) –


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