Road To A Sub 2 Half #1

This is the first instalment of the RTAS2H but it didn’t exactly go as planned and you’ll soon find out why. In this series I’ll go through the training I’ve done during the week, any issues I’ve met and anything else that’s relevant.

Run’s I’ve done

I had planned to run at least 3 times this week but as I mentioned, this didn’t work out. The run that I did do, wasn’t actually too bad but I felt that I wasn’t able to give it any more than about 60% effort. I’m not sure why but all week I’ve been feeling awful and it’s really affected my training. I found it hard to get into my rhythm, not helped by my music stopping every mile or so. After about 2 miles I felt a bit looser and more comfortable and that continued up until about 5 miles. This was when my legs started to feel like tree trunks and for the next half a mile I really struggled. However for me, when the finish line is in sight, most or all pain goes to the back of my mind. I got to 10k before I was home so I had a walk to cool down and prevented my legs from hurting the next day. However, looking positively at the situation, I still managed to run 10k in under 55 minutes which used to be my goal time.

Issue’s I’ve had

The main issue I had this week is that I’ve not been well for most of it. I don’t know if I’m overtraining or if I’m coming down with something but hoping it’ll get sorted asap. At the beginning of the week I only had a bad throat so it wasn’t affecting me too much. However, as the week went on it turned into headaches and lack of energy which is no good for training. Today (Sunday) I was due to go for a quick 5k and hopefully a PB but I felt so light headed and faint that I couldn’t do it. In the past I’ve continued to push myself when I’m not feeling well and it’s not helped at all so I’ve learnt my lesson. There are a ton of people running through tougher circumstances so I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself.


I want to give my ‘new’ running shoes a mention – the Adidas Boost Supernova ST. I’ve had them for about a month now after a gait analysis showed me over pronating a little bit. The ST in the name means ‘stability’ and they have definitely provided me with that. I wanted something with a bit of bounce while still being supportive enough to not destroy my shins and these definitely deliver. Since wearing them, my shin splints have almost completely gone and now that I’m used to the added weight of the ST I’m really enjoying running in them. Let me know if you’d like me to do a full review on them.

I hope this wasn’t too boring as it’s not really what I’d wanted for the first post of the series but oh well, here’s to hoping next week will go better.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about or include in the series e.g. my splits on each run/what I’m wearing/pre and post run meals and snacks.

Thanks for reading, peace.


  • Kev

    Ran my first half a week ago today in terrible weather and hills, hills, more hills. Ran a 2 hour dead half which was 30 faster than I’d dared hope. Training has been intermittent due to health and think best thing is to listen to your body and allow time to rest.
    I rested for 4 days and did a 5k parkrun and legs were lead heavy and a mess. As well as running, it’s impor to talk about the recovery as well. I should have run sooner as recorded one of my slowest ever parkrun times.
    If you are ill though, do hope feel better and stay hydrated and fingers crossed, you will nail that sub 2 soon. My next half is Edinburgh end of may – need to get moving for that run as hoping for a 1:50 ish.
    I look forward to reading your next part and if I can be of any help – don’t hesitate to shout. Kev

    • kierancooper

      Thanks for the comment, I’m now understanding how important rest is but I still feel guilty about taking days off! 1:50 is the time of dreams for me right now, it’s been over a year since doing 13 miles. Let me know how that half goes! I’ll be in touch at some point, thanks!

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