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Full Day of Eating

I’ve been tracking my macros a lot more recently and I had a day off so thought I’d do a ‘full day of eating’ type thing. As you’ll see below, I managed to fit a decent amount of snacks in without going over my calories for the day. The snacks are at the bottom but were consumed at different times in the day, not all in bed watching netflix (some of them were).


For breakfast I had a bowl of protein crunch cereal but don’t be fooled by the name, my portion only had 10g of protein. Still, that’s a lot more than what’s in most other cereals which I can’t be too mad at. I also had a small coffee but don’t tell my doctor as I’m not really supposed to be having caffeine.

P.s If you’re getting concerned about me having creatine in my coffee – don’t worry, I didn’t. I just thought I’d show you the creatine I’m using right now.


I was so proud of this lunch. For a few leaves and chunks of meat, it tasted great. It’s amazing what you can rustle up when you take the time to do so. I’ll add a screenshot from MyFitnessPal to show what was in it and how many calories I managed to cram into the bowl. One thing I love about salads is that you can eat so much and not feel guilty about it. This bowl was huge and it only added up to around 530 calories. I also had a tea with lunch but it was decaf this time (doesn’t taste as good).


Dinner was some breaded chicken breast, fancy potato things and corn on the cob (does anyone else cut their corn off the cob? Just me?) I feel like my rushed photo of this has let it down – (I was hungry and my girlfriend’s dad was looking) – because it tasted amazing and the macros were decent too (630 cals, 42carbs, 30fats, 35protein).

Obviously I have days where my dinner will be a takeaway but I’ll do another post on how I fit that into my macros at some point.


I find it almost impossible not to snack so I’m trying to choose wisely and still enjoy it. The protein shake isn’t exactly a snack but it’s also not a meal so I stuck it in here. It’s gold standard whey which has 24g of protein per scoop and is the best tasting shake I’ve had in years (I’ve tried some nasty ones).

Next up was some dark chocolate, 4 blocks to be precise. People always laugh at me when I say dark chocolate has health benefits but it actually does. I think it’s a great snack to cure any sweet cravings you have and the 4 blocks I had added up to 87 calories which is nothing really.

The last snacks are the best. I waited all day to have one of the Oreo egg ‘n’ spoon things and 6 mini eggs. It sounds ridiculous to only have 6 mini eggs but when you’re cutting you haven’t got space for a whole pack. If you haven’t tried the egg ‘n’ spoon things then you really need to. Not only are they incredibly nice, they take longer to eat so it feels like you’re getting more. Calories for the two were – 15cals per mini egg, 190cals per Oreo egg.

So there it is, nothing fancy but all under my calories for the day. As I said earlier, there will be days where I’ll have a takeaway or too much chocolate but it’s about balance. I know everyone says it, but that’s because it’s true.

If you have any cool snack ideas of your own then comment below so I can try them out. Thanks for reading, peace.

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