Road To A Sub 2 Half #2

I want to start this post by saying thanks to everyone that has been reading this series so far and for all of the encouragement I’ve received. To have people looking forward to reading something I have written is so crazy to me.

Runs I’ve done

I decided to go for a chilled out 5k and see how my body felt and it was surprisingly good. This was Tuesday 10th and I can remember forcing myself to run which then resulted in me running a 5k PB of 24:26. However, for some reason 5k has never been a good distance for me. I feel like the further I run, the better I feel and that could be a fitness thing as I find it easier to run slower but for longer. I want to start doing some local Parkrun’s so I plan on doing a 5k each week to measure my progress and then I can hit the park in good shape. If you have any tips for 5k’s then let me know, or is it just a thing I’ll get better at as I do them? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

This run was very interesting. To start with, it’s the furthest I’ve run in about 12 months, so I’m really happy about that. I decided to forget about times and just run slow and make sure that I felt comfortable all the way round. This run has made me realise that this sub 2 goal is very achievable if I put the work in. I know I said I decided to forget about times but I got carried away and went onto a race calculator and it said that this pace would get me round a half marathon in 2:01. I now can’t wait to get out there again because I felt so comfortable at that pace and would’ve happily done the last 3 miles but I was pushed for time.

That leads me onto the other reason that this run was interesting. I stupidly went out without taking a key.. I won’t be making that mistake again. I got home and instantly realised I’d messed up because I was already in a rush to get ready for the basketball game I was going to. Somehow, I was able to use my watch to call people (even though my bluetooth was off) and after 45 minutes of walking up and down my road trying not to seize up, Alice picked me up, drove me to my sisters to get a key and then drove me back home to get ready. Thankfully, after all of that we were only about 5 minutes late to the game which was worth the rush and panic as they won (undefeated at home in 2018).


I’m still looking into which races to do this year so if you know of any around the Berkshire area then please let me know – preferably a nice flat half marathon to get me sub 2 hours.

As the weather is slowly improving I’ll be looking at buying some new running gear so will try to do a review/recap on that and as always, if you have any recommendations hit me up.

Thanks again to everyone who has shown an interest in my journey, I’ll try to make each post more exciting than the last and hopefully have more to talk about as the series progresses.


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