Sooo.. I entered the London marathon ballot – RTAS2H #4

So – as the title says – I entered the 2019 VLM ballot.. I’m aware that this is pretty optimistic. Not the getting a place part, but the part where I’d actually have to run 26.2 miles! However, I’ve always said that running the London marathon is a dream of mine so fingers crossed.

This week I didn’t get much running done but the run that I did actually went quite well (kind of).

Finally a PB

As you can see by the pictures, I went out stupidly fast and then completely crashed. It had been a while since I’d ran a 10k and I guess my legs got a bit cocky and they just went for it. After the third mile I felt like I was barely even running but the closer I got to the end, it seemed the more energy I had. I do think that I’ve got a sub 51 run in me some time soon if I can get the pacing right.. but that might be a big ‘if’.

Once again my shoes felt perfect so no complaints there. The one thing I would like to change on them though, is the laces. They’re so short after the ankle is locked in and I can’t double knot them. I’ve got a weird fear of not double knotting laces and I feel like they could come loose at any moment. Apart from that they’ve been amazing and have hopefully helped with my foot strike.

I also got some more hill sprints done but forgot to log it on my watch. I did a 5 minute warm up jog to the hill, 8 minutes of hill sprints and then a 5 minute warm down back home.

I joined a running club

So I’ve been thinking about this for ages now and I even thought about somehow starting my own. I decided to join a local running club which I won’t be naming yet to avoid embarrassment if they decline me. I’m really excited about going running with them and seeing what the club has to offer. Also it always looks cool when someone runs past in a club jersey. I’ll make a whole post about the whole experience when it happens, which hopefully should be very soon.

“Voted 3rd in the PB potential category”

I finally signed up for a half marathon and I went for the Maidenhead half marathon. Funnily enough, I didn’t even see all of this ‘flattest course’ stuff until after I’d signed up. Now I can’t wait to run it but I’ll be waiting a while as it’s not until early September. If you’ve run it before, let me know how it was and if it’s as flat as I’m hearing.

I’ll be doing a few other races before this but I just wanted to sign up to one so I have something to work for. I asked this on my Instagram but I’ll ask again on here.. If you know of any good 10k’s in the Berkshire area, let me know. Also if you’re not following me on Instagram – (then you’re seriously missing out…I just got two new puppies) – I’ll put a link at the bottom for you.

That’s about all I’ve got for now, I know I haven’t actually done much running this week but thought I’d throw one together anyway. I’m sure I’ve said it before but if there is anything you’d like me to include or add to the series, let me know.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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