Why I Stopped Taking Creatine

I didn’t know how to word the title because it makes creatine sound like some sort of class A drug. Before I go on I need to say that this is just my personal opinion and experience.

When I started taking creatine

I was quite young when I first started working out meaning I believed near enough anything I saw online. This included information on creatine, so I bought a load of it and began my ‘loading phase’. This is just a marketing technique but at the time I was all over it and ready to get huge. After a few months I thought it was working because I noticed I was making gains (See pic below).

I went from being really skinny to actually having some muscle and I assumed that creatine was to thank for it. I’m sure in some way it did help, but a lot of it was probably just newbie gains as well as some water weight. I’ve been taking creatine on and off since then, up until about a month ago.

Why I stopped

The initial reason I stopped taking creatine was because I ran out and I was too lazy to go and get some more. My parents are always telling me that supplements are no good so I thought I’d see what happened if I stopped for a while. I also wanted to see if it helped with my light headedness but to be honest I don’t think there’s a link.

In the first week, I dropped a lot of water weight and I’m now realising that creatine isn’t exactly ideal when you’re on a cut (very slow cut) unless you have a non water retaining type. I’m not sure if this is all in my head but I feel like I look better now that I’m not taking it and I also havent lost any strength. If anything, I’ve actually gained strength because I’ve been getting quite a few PB’s since then (not directly linked though).

Would I recommend taking creatine?


If you aren’t already taking creatine, it won’t do you any harm to try it out and see if it works for you. While I wouldn’t recommend it for someone on a cut, if you’re bulking or just wanting to grow – go for it. I’ll probably try it out again when I go on a bulk and make sure I’m taking it consistently so that I can get the most out of it.

What are your experiences with creatine? Drop me a comment below, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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