My First Trail Run / New Running Club – RTAS2H #5

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the series but I’ll try to avoid making this too long. I’ve been quite busy outside of running but still managed to get a few bits done, as you can tell by the title.

I joined a running club

This is something I’d been considering for a while and I was actually quite nervous about it. The club I’ve joined is Sandhurst Joggers and I’m actually really glad that I went with them because everyone’s been so welcoming and all said hi to me at my first run. I haven’t looked too much into what the club does yet but it’s a huge club for the size of the town so I’m excited to be a part of it.

My first trail run

Soo…apparently Sandhurst Joggers ‘try to avoid running on road’. At first I didn’t think it’d be that much harder than road running but as my feet began sinking in to the mud, so did the realisation of what I’d got myself in to. The whole run was roughly 6.4 miles (Nike seems to overestimate runs) and half of that was uphill. The hardest thing for me was trying not to twist my ankle on the rocks and roots because my ankles aren’t used to that terrain. As the first half was uphill, the 2nd half had to be downhill and normally I’d say this is a good thing but it meant trying to run quickly whilst watching my footing and my line. With all this said, I had a great time and I’ll definitely be going back. The people were nice, the route was new and interesting and I’m improving my running so it’s all good.

Wellington College 10k

I live near Wellington College and I’ve seen this event advertised in the past (weirdly not this year) so thought I’d see what it’s about. It’s 2 laps of the college grounds and I’ve been told it’s on ‘soft ground’ which is why I’ve been running on different terrain recently. As it’s so close to home I couldn’t really say no and I think it was only about Β£15. I definitely won’t be going for a PB because it’s a new sort of run for me but I’m hoping for a respectable time. I’m pretty sue the race is the first weekend in June and weirdly it’s at 6pm so the temperature should be decent. I’ll hopefully get a 10k under my belt this week to see where I’m at.

Switching from NikeRunClub to Strava

At the end of my first Sandhurst Joggers run, everyone was saying what distances they had recorded and mine was above most of theirs. This confirmed for me that Nike often overestimates how far you’ve actually run and that’s obviously no good. This now has me worrying that I’ve not actually been running 10k meaning my timings are all inaccurate. That’s why I’ve made the decision to switch to Strava and test that out. There is a part of me that wants a Garmin watch but I’m not sure I can part with my Apple watch.

Comment below if you have a Garmin watch and what your thoughts on it are.

So that concludes this week’s instalment – as always, thanks for your support on my Instagram as well as this page, I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read my posts.


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