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How the gym has helped with my anxiety

Mental health week has been and gone, but I think this is a good time to talk about my anxiety and how I deal with it. Mental health issues effect people every day of the year, not just for one week.

There wasn’t really a time when it all started but the first major thing I can remember is that at college I would sweat so much. Like way too much for it to be normal. I went to the doctors and they gave me a roll on but I didn’t realise that it was my anxiety making me sweat. I was really skinny at college and this made me feel so self conscious and I did everything I could to not have my arms or legs out on show. I’m pretty sure I even used to wear 2 t shirts so that I looked thicker under my hoodie.

This links to my social anxiety which is still bad today. Again, I don’t remember an exact moment that caused it but I’ve always been uncomfortable in social situations and very anxious. It’s hard to explain how I actually feel about it but some of the things include me feeling nervous, beneath everyone else and like it’s just easier to keep quiet and do my own thing.

The gym has really helped me to deal with this though, mainly because I’m not that skinny guy anymore. I also think that it just gives you more confidence and I bet so many others can vouch for this. I think that going to the gym with others can really help because it just makes it more fun and you can really push each other – whether this is pushing each other to actually get to the gym or to hit a PB.

The gym is the place that will never go anywhere and after a stressful day you know you can always go there and release some of that stress in a positive way. There have been multiple times when me and Bob have both texted each other saying how stressful our days have been and then said how we can’t wait to hit the gym. Another good thing about the gym is that there is always something new to learn or get better at, so it’s always a challenge and never gets boring.

I’ve also recently been going for a walk everyday (this is partly due to having 2 very energetic puppies) – however, I would recommend it to everyone. It’s not only beneficial for your health but it really helps me to destress. There wasn’t really a point to this post other than me just putting it out there and getting it off my chest. If anyone wants to talk about anything just get in contact. Thanks for reading, peace.

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