Summer Welly 10K Race Recap – RTAS2H #6

Another instalment of the Road To A Sub 2 Half series was long overdue, so I thought I’d do a quick race recap. It was the Summer Welly 10k and it’s the summer version of the very popular Muddy Welly which attracts thousands. Going into this race I wasn’t really sure what it would be like but I heard someone say ‘it’s 75% off road’. This didn’t really help my nerves as I hardly ever go trail running and my legs aren’t great for it. This was the first ever Summer Welly and there was only 102 runners, so wearing headphones was a good choice because I was on my own for most of it.

Before the race

The race was a 2 lap course around the grounds of Wellington College, which was very convenient for me as I live about 100 yards from there. For reasons unknown to me the race started at 6pm, so I wasted the majority of my day worrying about how it’d go. I strolled over to the college to pick up my race pack, put my number on and got myself warmed up, although the sun did a pretty good job of that. There was a quick race briefing and then we were told to get in position. On a side note, this was when I realised I was running with a bunch of people competing in a series and this was the first race in that series.

How the run went

The first mile or so went really quick and to be honest so did the whole race. I don’t know if it was the fact that it’s a 2 lap course but it seemed to just fly by. That’s not me saying I found it easy because I really didn’t, I actually really struggled at some points. My pace was steady at about 8:30/mi until I hit the 4 mile pains. Before the race I read about these 4 mile pains and thought they were just a myth.. turns out they’re very real. The 4th and 5th miles were very hard for me, I would give exact figures but I messed up on Strava. My pace gradually slowed but another thing I read was that the 6th mile takes care of itself and it did. There was a very welcome road section that allowed my legs to recover and then before I knew it, the finish line was in sight.

The race itself was ‘fun’, although I’m not sure how I feel about using that word because if you asked me at the time I wouldn’t have agreed. However, the overall experience of the run was cool, the terrain, the views, the hills (not many of them) and the challenge. There was a whole bunch of different terrain including bark, leaves, sand, road and stones. I’d recommend it if you’re in the area next year.

After the race

The really good thing about the Summer Welly was that the times went up within an hour or so and the pictures went up the next day. The pictures are also free which is something I havent come across a lot.

My goal going into the run was 55:00, mainly due to it being a trail run and not having much experience racing on my own. I managed to do it in 52:59 which I’m really happy about and I ended up finishing 39th. One of the first things I said after the race was ‘I’m never doing that again’, but now I’m not struggling for breath and overheating, I definitely would. The event was run brilliantly and everyone was really nice, hats off to the organisers.

This is my first race recap so I hope I didn’t waffle on too much. Thanks for reading and also thanks to everyone that reached out to me off the back of my anxiety post.


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