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My 10 Week Training Plan // Gym vs Running // Losing Muscle

I feel like I start every blog post by saying this but it has been a while since I last posted as I’ve been crazy busy.

I’ll get straight into it..

My 10 week plan

I recently asked over on UKRunChat if anyone had a sub 2 hour half marathon training plan and lucky for me, I had one arrive in my emails the same day. No money requested or anything. I feel like this again goes to show what a helpful and supportive community the running one is. The plan I got sent was for 15 weeks but as I only have 10 weeks to go, I’ve had to switch it up a bit. Thankfully though, the plan was pretty flexible and all I had to change was the distances because I’ll have less runs to get up to the race pace.

I’ve just finished the first week of the plan and can say that I’m really enjoying the structure of running on set days and knowing what type of run it’ll be. I used to just decide on the day and to be honest I’d never even done a recovery run until a few weeks ago. I’ve split the week up into 4 runs and this consists of: an economy run, a speed run, a recovery run and then a long run. Today was the long run which I was actually looking forward to because I need to make sure my legs still work past 10k. It went well considering the circumstances, which I’ll explain in the next section of this post. I was only planning on running 8 miles but decided to try a different route and it ended up at 9.4 miles. I’ll put the stats in now:

There weren’t too many hills or anything that challenging; besides the heat, but I’m really happy with the stats, especially as it’s under race pace. Now I just need to try and keep that pace up for another 3.7 miles somehow.

Gym VS Running

I thought I’d include a bit about juggling running and going to the gym as I’ve had quite a few people ask me if running affects performance and results in the gym and the answer is unfortunately yeah, it does. The last few weeks I’ve really started to notice that I’m losing muscle and size and most probably slowing down my progress due to fatigue from running and trying to fit both things into my week. However, running has also helped me drop some weight and fat so it’s not all bad. I’ve realised that it’s just about finding the balance and seeing as they’re both things I enjoy and don’t want to give up, it’s just something that I’ve gotta accept and make work (an example of this is mentioned below).

I could probably get my diet into shape to ensure that I minimise muscle loss but if I’m honest, I don’t have the time to be really strict with my foods, I just try my best to keep proteins high and limit my carbs.

I hinted above that there were some annoying circumstances in regards to my run today and that’s because my 10 week plan had me doing a long run on the same day as going heavy on legs. Normally I would’ve swapped something around but I was away all weekend, meaning today was the only day to get them both done. Yes it was annoying but it did give me more of a challenge and also meant I could have a cheat day because as I’m writing this, I’ve already burnt 2300 calories. Anyway, as mentioned above, I love running and I love lifting so if I can continue to do both it’s all good.

General bits

I’m in the process of setting up my just giving pages for the half marathon I’m doing in September and I’ve decided to share the money between 2 charities. The first one is Clic Sargent which is a charity for children with cancer and the charity I usually run for. The second is the Duchess of Kent hospice, which is where my Grandad was recently cared for before he sadly passed away. I’ll post up links when it’s all sorted.

Thanks for reading, peace.

Oh yeah.. and footballs coming home!

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