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Why I’m Running For Charity // Just Giving Link

So I mentioned in my previous post that I’m running the Maidenhead half marathon in September for charity. I’ll make this a short post but would really appreciate it if you could donate, no matter how small.

Duchess of Kent Hospice

I want to raise money for this hospice because it’s where my grandad was looked after before he sadly passed away recently. I just want to thank them for the amazing job they do every day.

I’ll be splitting any donations between the hospice and Clic Sargent who are the other charity I’ll be running for. It’s a great charity that helps kids with cancer and their families too.

I’ve set quite an achievable target so please don’t feel pressured to give more than you can, anything will be greatly appreciated.

Anybody who donates will be entered into a giveaway just as a little thanks from me. Therefore, if you would like to be entered (winner won’t be drawn until after the race so quite a while away), then make sure you leave your name with your donation.

Thanks for reading and in advance for any donations, peace.

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