Full Day of Eating – Holiday Edition

This will be quick post but I had a few people interested in what I was eating on holiday (a lot, that’s what).

If you follow my Instagram or have read my last post, you’ll know I was running quite a bit on holiday and was burning over 1000 calories a day. This meant that I didn’t really have to worry about what I was eating, as long as it wasn’t like 1% protein and 99% fats. I did however, try to have a fair bit of protein in each meal.

Holidays are for relaxing and enjoying yourself and for me, this links with eating a lot of nice food. I feel like this post is definitely exposing my love for snacks, but I’m just keeping it honest (I’m real babe…sorry I love Love Island).

So here we go…


– Pancakes with bacon and sausage, eggs and then a weird cereal that looks like rabbit food


– Cheese n bacon burger, cheesy chips and chicken strips


– Chicken burger and chips followed by chocolate fudge cake


– Haribo, a very disappointing doughnut and pretzel sticks

So.. not the ideal diet but I actually came back 2lbs lighter so I can’t complain at that. Could be down to the runs that I did while we were there or the fact that our room was on the sixth floor…

Anyway, thanks for reading, peace.

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