I’M IN THE SUB 2 SQUAD (a month early) – RTAS2H

So.. I wasn’t expecting to be writing this so early, but I finally made it into the sub 2 hour half marathon squad.

I haven’t run a half marathon since the 2017 Reading Half which was early last year and that didn’t go too great. I had a lot of reoccurring injuries and ended up limping at least the last 4 miles, then lots of tears at the end. I’ve been a lot more sensible with my training this year, actually followed a plan (sort of) and have been injury free since.

The half marathon tester

As you can see, the route was a bit of a mess and not ideal but it got me there, under the magical 2 hours. I was lucky with the heat for the first 10k or so but when it did heat up, it hit me like a train. I’m not sure about anyone else but I am really struggling to train when it’s this hot. I’m looking forward to running without sweat in my eyes and hearing my heartbeat thumping in my ears.

I knew that roughly 9.00/mi would be near enough sub 2 hours so I just aimed for that.

My pacing definitely needs work. The route I take is full of hills so I went through stages of being knackered and then more comfortable. When I was at about 10 miles with an average pace of 8.50/mi, I knew the job was done, assuming I didn’t hit a seriously big wall. Anyway, it finally happened and it’s taken a huge weight off of my shoulders because I was so nervous about not making it. With the Maidenhead Half in a month or so, I can now focus on keeping it up, knowing that I have it in me, with 5 minutes to spare. I’ve also been told that it’s an extremely flat course which is making me feel really positive but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

To some it probably seems a bit weird that I’ve done a whole blog series on my quest for a sub 2 half. But it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now I feel much more confident with my running and can’t wait to enter some more events.

Random bits

In other news, I’ve entered the August Dinton Summer Series which is a 10k and I believe it’s 2 loops of the lake which should be quite nice. It’s fairly local to me and a nice area so should be a chilled out run.

I also picked up my first Sandhurst Joggers vest and have promised myself that I’ll get more involved in club running. I used the excuse that it would get in the way of my training but in reality, it’d be perfect for it. I guess I let my social anxiety get in the way but now I plan to use the club as a way to gain confidence and meet people with similar interests.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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