5 Useful Products – Running & Gym

I’ve been wanting to write a few reviews for a while now so though I’d do them all in one post. Some are things I’ve had a while and some only a week or so. I’ll post links of where you can get them and how much they cost. None of these are sponsored reviews, they’re all things I genuinely use or plan to use.

Enough chat, here are the products:

1 – SPIbelt Original (£24.99)

So I was lucky enough so be sent this by Harris Active Sports and I can honestly say, I would’ve bought one anyway and still would. I kept seeing people on Instagram wearing these and didn’t think anything of it, until I ended up getting locked out one day. After that, I decided to look into them and I’ve been using it since. It doesn’t bounce, it’s easily adjusted and can fit a ridiculous amount of stuff in there. I mostly use mine for my house key, my phone and sometimes a few sweets on a long run. Nothing huge but it’s made my life so much easier. Probably the best thing about SPIbelt is the amount of options you have when choosing which to buy. You’ve got the simple one that I have, up to one’s like the Venture Series for your long runs.

Great product, would definitely recommend!

2. Promixx Original (£18.99)

When my girlfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, this was top of the list. It sounds like such a simple idea but it’s genuinely amazing. Since putting a video of it working on my instagram, I’ve had multiple people ask me where I got it and today at work a guy bought one after seeing it in action. It saves time, mixes really well and if you fill it up with water after, it can basically clean itself too! If you’ve got spare money floating around you can get the Promixx 2.0 that has a wired charger and a cup for your powders.

Link to my Instagram video

3 – Grenade Carb Killer Shake (£12.49 roughly)

I actually got these from Costco but will post the Grenade link.

I’m calling these useful because they’re so convenient. I take one to work everyday (only 2 more left) and normally have it between breakfast and lunch as a healthy-ish snack. They came in a pack of eight so it’s a good deal if you can get to a local Costco. One thing I will say is that you’ll want to make sure it’s really cold when you drink it.. I had one when it was luke warm and it wasn’t a fantastic experience. All in all they’re a great snack and packed with protein!

4 – Manfrotto Mini Smart Tripod (£27.99)

This isn’t directly linked to fitness but it is really useful and I’m looking forward to using it more. Turns out this was also on my birthday wish list so I’ve done pretty well here! I will say though, I had been thinking about getting one for ages so it’s not just because it was my birthday. I did my research on phone tripods and this one came out on top, for the price and quality. I’ve got no exact purpose for it yet but so far I’ve just been using it for Instagram pics.

Next step Youtube?

5 – Tuvizo Reflective Vest (£9.99)

When I said ‘plan to use’, this is the product I was referring to. Obviously it’s a reflective vest so it needs to be dark to utilise it, so it’ll have to wait for proper use. I’ve been on one run in it and it’s surprisingly good. Like the SPIbelt, it doesn’t move around when you run and it’s also got a handy ID tag in case of emergencies. I can see myself using this A LOT in the winter and for only £9.99 it’s a decent investment.

That’s it for the products.. I use a bunch of other stuff but it’s a long post and if you made it this far we’re now best mates.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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