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My favourite running apps – Strava, Apple, Nike, RunGap

There’s a whole load of running apps available right now so I thought I’d talk through my experiences with some of them. Just for reference, I use a Nike Apple Watch Series 3 and I’ll also be doing a long term review of that soon. The 4 apps I use/have used are Strava, Nike, RunGap and the Apple workout app.

Nike Run Club

This is the app I first used and continued to do so for over a year. There were a load of things I really liked about it, like the stats being read out to you, the challenges and the guided runs. However, a few things started to annoy me. The first thing was the social side of it. It seemed like everyone else was on Strava and it just seemed better for seeing other people’s runs and interacting with them.

The second issue was the deal breaker. I had been on a club run and at the end, people were saying the distances they recorded. Mine was about 0.5mi over what they all got and that was the moment I decided to stop using Nike Run Club. I just didn’t want to be doubting the accuracy of my runs.


So after my break up with Nike, I went straight over to Strava and have been using it since. It’s probably the most used running app, which makes the social side of it really good. I also like the idea of the Premium features and will probably invest in it soon. If anyone already has Premium, get in touch because I’d be interested in hearing about it.

One thing that takes Strava to a place where Nike couldn’t go is the amount of sports that you can record on there. The majority of sports you’d ever want to record are on there. I can’t see Strava going anywhere any time soon!

Apple workout app and RunGap

I was watching a review of running apps and they guy said that he preferred the workout app because it had better in-run stats. So I looked into it and that’s the reason I now use the workout app for my actual runs and then transfer the data to Strava using RunGap. I’ve always used the workout app for my gym sessions and walks but never for my runs. But now I’m loving it. The in-run stats are just what I need and I’ve also seen some really cool new features coming soon. Things like pace warnings and a sensor that knows when you’re working out so if you forget to start a run it will backtrack and give you the data. My favourite thing about this app is that you can swipe the screen and it takes you to your music so you don’t have to mess around switching apps mid run.

If you’ve never used it, RunGap is an app where you can transfer data from one app to another. So I use it to transfer data from the Apple workout app onto Strava, which is where all my runs are kept. It’s a really handy tool and I’ll post a pic of the different apps you can use with it.

There you have it, they’re the apps I used/still use and I’m really excited for the Apple Watch update with new workout features.

If you use any apps that I haven’t mentioned, comment at the bottom of the post or get in touch with me. I’d love to hear about your experiences with them.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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