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Being honest with myself – My diet, my training etc.

I’ll get straight to the point.. I’ve been slacking a lot recently in lots of different ways: with my diet, my training, my blog.

My diet

This is the area I’ve neglected the most. I’ve always promoted the idea of a flexible diet but recently I’ve been taking it a bit too far, eating basically whatever I want, whenever I want. I definitely use running as an excuse to justify my poor diet and to be honest, without running I’d be at least a few stone heavier. I won’t be making any drastic changes because I love bad food too much but I’ll be tracking macros again, cutting down on sweets and chocolate and sorting out meal prep for work. I’ve always been really bad at pre-preparing work lunches and it’s ended up costing me a lot of money as well as calories. Meal prep is such an easy thing to do but it’s also an easy thing not to do, so I definitely need to get into the habit.

I’m not aiming to be in incredible shape but I figured I may as well see what I can do if I improve my diet a bit.

My training

This has also been off for the last few weeks. Definitely not terrible, but not as good as it could or should be. I feel like I’ve been struggling recently to fit good runs as well as gym sessions into my week but they’re both things I want to continue doing so I need to figure it out. I plan on creating a proper training program for both my running and lifting so that I know exactly what I’m doing on each day. As I mentioned in a previous post, someone from UKrunchat put a plan together for my half marathon (which is now only 2 weeks away), so I’m going to start back up with that and then all I need to do is fit in my gym sessions (this may be easier said than done.) I want to ensure it’s flexible enough so I don’t feel too restricted while still having some structure to my week.

Recently I feel like I’ve been going to the gym just so I’ve gone rather than focusing on goals or even progressive overload. Too many times I’ve gone to the gym on my own and just rushed a workout or got a pump and left. This is where focusing on progressive overload will help because it’ll stop me having ‘pointless’ workouts.

Like I said, with my half marathon soon approaching I need to get back on my running schedule which began to slip when I went away on holiday. Since then, I’ve been running 2 to 3 times a week but with no real speed work, track runs or anything like that. I’m going to add these to my training (with the help of my running club) and see how much I can improve.

The rest

My blog is something that I’ve not been good enough at recently. I want to review more products, do more race recaps and do a few interviews with people from social media that I find interesting. In order to improve, I’m going to add ‘blogging’ into my weekly schedule, with set writing and upload days.

Although this isn’t fitness related I thought I would add it in.
I need to start saving more seriously in order to buy a house any time soon. This means downgrading on a few things – e.g. my car. I need to be realistic about what’s more important so I’ll be getting rid of my car in December which will save me a good chunk of money and let’s be honest, it’s just a car (I have to keep reminding myself of this.) I’ve also made a few bad financial decisions that I plan to sort out, like getting an iMac that I didn’t need and am still paying for every month. I’ll be paying that off soon to give me more spare cash each month towards savings.

My side projects are also something that I’ll be putting more time and effort into. I’ll be ordering in some Piranha sports gear soon for anyone who’s interested.

Thanks for making it to the end, I’m hoping that by putting everything out there, I’ll be more likely to stick at it. I definitely haven’t been disciplined enough recently but I plan on changing that.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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