Getting rid of my chicken legs – My typical leg day

Thanks to my skinny genes and skipping leg day for years, I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to building a good set of legs. However, I’ve been really enjoying leg day for the last 3 or 4 months and thought I’d make a quick post about what exercises I’m doing at the moment. I’m still pretty average in the gym and don’t have a set plan at the moment so this will change in the near future.

Warm up

I only really do a 5 minute walk and then some stretching to warm up. I normally build up the weight on my first exercise, so that acts as another warm up.

Exercise 1 – Squats

I always start with no weight and then gradually build up to a weight that I can do 3 or 5 reps on. I’ve lost quite a lot of strength recently, due to lack of sleep and also weight loss, so my squat weight now isn’t going any heavier than 110kg. I then like to drop the weight back down to get a light set done but with better form and a deeper squat. I really struggle to squat after doing anything else so this has to come first if I want a good session.

Exercise 2 – Leg press

This is my favourite exercise for leg day. Mainly because you can go heavy and who doesn’t love lifting heavy weights. The machine at Buzz has changed recently so I’m just getting used to it and doing sets of 5-8 at around 320-340kg. I do have a constant fear of my legs snapping when on the leg press though, seen far too many youtube videos of it happening.

Exercise 3 – Calf raises

This is another new machine at Buzz and I’ve got no idea if it’s working or not because I’ve accepted that my calfs don’t exist and probably won’t for another 25 years. Feels good though so maybe one day they’ll show up. I normally have about 30kg on here.

Exercise 4 – Lunges

I’m pretty sure these are the reason I haven’t been able to walk properly for the last few days. They’re so easy to do and feel so good after. I think I had the 12’s or 14’s in my hands and I’m quite glad I didn’t go any heavier.

Exercise 5 – Leg raises

I usually do these as a finisher and do 2 or 3 drop sets and they’re a killer. I’m probably going to start incorporating single leg raises into my workout as-well, just to make sure I don’t have one leg stronger than the other. You can really feel your quads burning during this exercise.

As I said earlier, this will probably change slightly as I start a proper plan but for now this is what a typical leg day looks like. If you have any killer leg exercises or tips please drop me a message because like I said, I’m still fairly new to this.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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