Have I gone mad? – Paris Marathon training week #1

So, marathon training has officially started..

Week 1 had me running 29.1 miles all together, which is easily the most I’ve ever run in a 7 day period. I’m not used to running 6 days in a row but I’m actually loving it. I’d be lying if I said being able to eat more wasn’t one of the things I’m loving about it.

Food aside, running nearly every day is just good for my state of mind. It makes me feel better about myself, motivates me and just generally improves my day. I’m also hoping that I can lose some body fat in the process (and cling onto some muscle).

I’ve started to note down how many miles I’ve done in each pair of shoes, mainly for my own reference but I’ll post it at the end of each post anyway.

I’ve also purposely not added all of my runs to Instagram so that i can do a short recap on here without boring everyone on Instagram! Here’s the first 6 runs of Paris training:

Run #1

The first run of this 16 week plan was a bit of an anti climax.. Just 4 miles ‘easy’. It was also my first proper go at an easy run and it’s kind of ironic because it’s not easy. It’s slower yes, but you’re running for longer and I just found it mentally draining trying to keep the pace down. There isn’t much else to say about this one!

Run #2

This is why I titled this post what it is. I never thought I’d be one of those crazy people who runs before work, but apparently I am! The plan said 4M steady so I may have gone a bit faster than I was supposed to.. maybe something to do with the freezing temperatures. I actually really liked running before work, it made the day just seem easier and I felt a lot more productive getting it done early. Also, I could wear this outfit and not get seen by anyone (win).

Run #3

As you can probably tell, I’m running out of photo ideas! Also, the clocks have gone back now so any time I run after work it’ll be Hi-Vis gang and probably just a photo of a bright light. Anyway, this was just another easy 4 miles, but not as easy at the first go. This was the run where I ended up shoulder barging someone because 3 of them were blocking the whole path and none of them wanted to make room for me. Happens way too often.

Run #4

Finally something other than ‘4M easy’. On the cards for that day was 5 miles with 8 hill repeats and I really enjoyed it. It was also my first run in the Epic React, review coming soon.. But my first impressions of them have been very positive so far. Light, bouncy and stable. Luckily there are loads of hills near me so I just ran 2 miles to one, did the repeats, then ran home and hoped it ended up at 5 miles.

Run #5

Sub 22 gang! The plan said Parkrun or 5 miles, but I compromised and went for a 5K PB. I had no idea if I’d get one or not but I’ve wanted to go sub 22 for so long now so went off fast and just hoped I could maintain it. This was also my first proper speed work (if you can call it that) in the Zoom Fly. They didn’t disappoint. They definitely have a sweet spot when it comes to pace and I now know why people love using them for races and speed training. I’m still not sure if I could run longer than a half marathon in them but only time will tell.

Run #6

It pains me to think that this ‘long run’ will soon be 20 miles or more. I decided not to worry about pace on this one and just ran at whatever pace I felt comfortable. It was a freezing cold morning and it took me a good 2 hours to even leave the house! As someone said on my Instagram, these are the runs that will make the difference in the end.

On a side note, I’m now stretching after each run for the first time ever and it’s helping so much. Getting injured is a big worry of mine, especially when upping the mileage so much. If you have any tips for post run stretching then let me know.

Shoe mileage

– Pegasus 35 (46 miles)

– Zoom Fly (13 miles)

– Epic React (9 miles)

So there it is.. the first week of marathon training. It was a pretty tame one but I’m just glad it’s started now and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading, peace.

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