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Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 – Amateur runner review

I’ve done enough miles in these now (62) to tell you how I feel about them, as an amateur runner. I won’t be going into huge detail about the shoe but I’ll leave a few stats at the bottom for anyone that’s interested.

I bought these because I felt like my stability shoes were holding me back and wanted to try something neutral. Off I went to Sweatshop, thinking I would come out with some zoom flys, but they had none in stock. It was a blessing in disguise really because what they did have, was the Pegasus 35 in the red/orange colour way. I’d seen a few things about them so went for it and it’s been £80 well spent.

First impressions

I instantly loved the look of the Pegasus 35. I’d choose this colour way for all of my running shoes if I could. I also really like the ‘elf’ looking rear end of the shoe and the way the heel goes up at the back, I’m not sure if it’s just for looks but I’m not complaining! Can you tell I don’t review shoes often..?

My first run in the Pegasus was a 10k that ended up only seconds off my PB time and they barely needed any breaking in. What was even crazier was that my second run in the 35’s was a huge PB at the Bournemouth half and my feet felt amazing after. No hot spots, no blisters, nothing.

The performance

So, as an amateur runner I can’t go into crazy detail about things like energy return. I’ll have to just tell you what it all feels like to me.

For starters, it’s extremely comfortable. When I’ve been wearing work shoes all day and I put my feet into the Pegasus 35, it feels like shoe heaven. It might have something to do with the one piece tongue and also just the material of the shoe itself, I’m not sure.

When I’m actually running in these shoes, I start to question how they’re so cheap. They feel so easy to run in and will be ready for anything you throw at them. They feel well cushioned, but don’t feel like I’m sinking into them. They also feel quite bouncy (best I could come up with) when moving at a decent speed, which is what you want really isn’t it.

The grip is decent on these too, much better than what you’d get from a zoom fly or an epic react. Along with good grip you’ll also get good durability with these 35’s and mine still aren’t showing any signs of wear.

Any negatives?

I’m struggling to come up with anything negative about the 35’s if I’m honest. They do everything I want them to and combined with my zoom flys and epic reacts, they’re perfect.


If you need a new pair of running shoes, I can’t see a better all round option than these Pegasus 35’s. If you love trainers like I do, I’d also recommend pairing them up with a zoom fly or vaporfly (one day I’ll have a pair). I feel like you’d just get more out of a speed session in the zoom fly and then keep the 35’s for the everyday training.

I know this is an extremely basic review but I’m not trying to be an expert. I just wanted to share how I feel about the shoes and if I’d recommend them to other amateur runners.

Thanks for reading, peace.


Weight – 286g

Heel to toe drop – 10mm

Price – £73

Nike Zoom Pegasus 35













  • Well priced
  • Comfortable
  • Responsive (enough)
  • Durable
  • Nice to look at


  • Can feel a tad loose at first


  • Chris

    Got these on your recommendation.
    Been out twice so far (only had them a couple of days) done 13 mklr still a bit early to judge but these are bloody brilliant!

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