Re thinking my goal time? – Paris Marathon training week #2

When it comes to running, I’m usually guilty of thinking I’m better than I actually am. However, I’ve been doing a load of research and I think this time I’m actually right.

My original goal for Paris was sub 4 hours, but I’m not content with that. Obviously just getting round is an achievement in itself and I should be grateful that I’m even able to do it. I just feel like I’m selling myself a bit short and can push for something quicker.

90% of people will probably say it’s a stupid idea to run for a time in your first marathon, but I’ve never been able to just ignore times. I’m happy to take it easy in training but on race day, I want to be pushing myself and crossing the line knowing that I gave it everything.

So, after spending way too much time on calculators and blogs, I’ve come up with a new goal time.

Paris goal time – 3:45

I’ve got a feeling this will still change a few times before the actual race but only time will tell. I used my previous races and PB’s as references and 3:45 seems realistic to me. I’d still like to go quicker but it depends if my body agrees with me!

Anyway, this is about my training week 2 so I’ll post the runs below. From what I can remember, it was a fairly routine week with no weird and wonderful events, apart from the usual of being shouted at when running (still baffles me).

Run #1

Gone are the days when a weekday run was in daylight. I decided to go out at 5am on Monday and kept it nice and slow. I risked it and went out in just undershorts, but really I need some compression like shorts that I can wear on their own. As you can tell, the run was boring, probably a lot like this last paragraph.

Run #2

I know…why did I wear camo leggings and then a bright yellow top? This is what happens when you run 6 times a week and have to wear whatever you can find. The run was 1M warmup, 3M at a brisk pace (whatever that is) and then 1M warm down. I was just relieved to be doing something other than an easy paced run. Get on Instagram and tag me in your questionable running outfits, just to make me feel less weird.

Run #3

5 miles steady..

I felt pretty good for this run and had a lot more in the tank so that was a confidence boost. I’m not entirely sure what pace ‘steady’ is so I just ran how I felt but without really pushing myself too much. I’ve gotta mention the pegasus 35 again though, they feel good at literally any pace and seem to be getting better by the mile.

Run #4

I really enjoyed this run to be fair. It was 5 miles with 8 x 90 seconds fast/slow, so I brought out the zoom flys for this one. They’re starting to feel really nice now I’ve properly broken them in, especially at faster paces. As I mentioned earlier, it’s nice to do something that isn’t just a slow run and this has been my favourite so far. It was also my first time using the lap function on the Fenix 5, so the laps might be a bit sketchy.

Run #5

It seems like every run I do is 5 miles at the moment..

Again, it was steady so I ran by feel and ended up surprising myself. I’m assuming my steady runs should be a bit slower than this? Get in touch with some tips for steady runs please!

Run #6

Long run Sunday, with a side order of the big one (that’s the name of the breakfast).

How long is it before I have to stop calling anything under 15 miles a long run? It’s crazy to me that this will be a short run to me soon. I went a different route for this run and realised how much stuff you miss when driving. I saw houses I’ve never noticed before, ran up hills I didn’t even realise were hills and more importantly I found a chip shop that I didn’t know existed.

As you can tell, I haven’t got a great deal to say about each run so forgive me for that!

Shoutout to you if you made it to the end and thanks for reading. Peace.

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