Things are changing – Paris Marathon training week #3

3 weeks down, 13 to go..

Before I recap each run of week 3, I want to chat about how things are changing. If you’ve been following my blog since the start you’ll know that a huge goal of mine was to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. It’s now been 6 months since I gave myself that goal and my word things have changed.

Today, the training plan said ’13M slow’, so obviously I had to make it 13.1 for a half marathon. I’ll post the stats when I do a recap but it was easily below 2 hours and just made me realise how much my running has changed. What was once a goal for me, is now an easy run and with any luck, the same process will happen again and again.

It seems crazy to me that I have a marathon goal of 3:45, when just 6 months ago my half marathon goal was 2 hours. It really makes me appreciate running and how I’m able to reach my goals and set new ones all the time. What this has taught me is to just trust the process. The slow runs, the rest days, just trust that you will improve if you put the work in.

Also, my body is changing at a rapid rate since this Paris stuff. I’m now the lightest I’ve been since I was about 18 and I’ve got mixed feelings about it. I spent years trying to build muscle and now I’m trying to cling onto it. But I know that if I want a fast marathon time, I need to be light and in good shape.

Week 3 recap

Run #1

Nope, the Monday run still hasn’t changed! It does say ‘rest or 4M easy’ but I just feel bad missing a session. Maybe I’ll feel different when the long runs get really long..

I’ve been researching how slow your slow run should be and have had mixed advice. Some say to keep it a minute slower than goal pace, some say that’s too slow. One article said that a lot of people actually run too slow and their pace should be 10-20 seconds slower than goal pace. Get at me with your opinions on slow runs.

Run #2

Those words that nobody wants to see.. ‘find a hill’.

To be specific it was ‘5M, run to a hill, then 8×30 secs uphill, jogging back down’. As much as I can’t stand hill training, I know it’s good for me and my fitness, so I’ll let it go for now.

Whilst I was doing my repeats I saw the strangest argument between two grown adults, visiting their kids at school. One basically didn’t have the right pass to get through the gates and the one behind just lost it. She definitely needed a run to get rid of that anger!

Run #3

Yeah so the plan said ‘6M easy’..

I had other ideas though. I felt quite good in the day so decided to just not hold back. I wasn’t going after a quick time but it sort of just happened and I’m not complaining. It was a weird feeling after the run though because you’d think I’d be over the moon with a 2 minute PB, but I didn’t really feel anything towards it.

I think it was a mixture of disappointment that I didn’t go sub 45 and that my goal is a marathon, not a 10k. I’m not too bothered about my times unless it’s an actual race, then I’ll be pushing for PB’s and seeing if this training is working.

Run #4

This was a weird one for me, with probably the wrong footwear choice. It was an intervals session in the rain, slipping all over the place. I came back from it feeling like it was a terrible session but now I’m able to look back at it, it wasn’t actually that bad.

I just felt like my fast intervals weren’t fast enough and my recoveries were too slow. I’ll also choose the location of interval sessions more strategically next time. There were way too many tight corners and dark lanes where I couldn’t see where I was putting my feet. If anyone has a link for a good head torch, get in touch.

Run #5

Standard Saturday ‘5M steady’.

It does give me the option of doing a Parkrun but I had to run early for a reason that I’ve forgotten..

I do remember struggling to get the motivation for this one actually. It’s like the Monday 4M easy, a bit boring and repetitive. I got it done though and found a pretty decent route for a 5M run. I’m not sure why but I normally try to do a circuit or loop, but this time I just ran 2.5M away from my house and came back. Easy as that. It went ridiculously quick and I assume that’s some sort of psychological effect that running back towards your house has.

Run #6

As you can tell from the start of this post, I was really happy with this long run. The route wasn’t too boring, it felt easy enough (it’s never easy) and it went really quick for how long I was actually running for.

As I was running round, I just started to really appreciate the position I’m now in. The fact that I can run this time on an easy day is amazing to me. Obviously to some people, this is a really slow time and not even their slow run would be this pace, but the grass is always greener. I get people saying to me that they wish they could run the times that I do and it makes me realise how far I have come. I do have some outrageous goals in terms of times for 2019 and onwards so lets just hope the progression continues!

Miles in shoes

Pegasus 35 – 85

Zoom fly – 29

Epic react – 25

That’s it for the week 3 recap..

Let me know your stories of progression and if you have crazy 2019 goals, let me know so I know I’m not the only one!

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