No more running for me – Paris Marathon training week 4

Yep, it happened.. I got an injury.

It’s 100% my own fault as I haven’t been stretching enough and just looking after my body considering the increased miles. I’m no doctor so I can’t tell you what’s actually wrong with me but I’ve got a lot of pain in my right calf. I’ve always had really tight calves and hamstrings so it was a disaster waiting to happen not stretching enough.

There wasn’t a specific moment when it happened, I think it’s been coming for a while. I did 15 miles on Sunday and that felt really easy. 30 minutes later my calf is on fire. This is just one of those annoying moments that I need to learn from and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you have any tips for post run stretching or warm downs, let me know! I now plan to foam roll and stretch every night or at least every time I run. Anyway, I’ve now got an excuse to go and buy a new foam roller and mat (and maybe some clothes).

Apart from that, it was actually a decent week of training, maybe too good. This will only be a quick recap as I didn’t really do anything too exciting.. I covered roughly 43 miles and will put each run below:

Run #1

You already know what this run is.. 4M easy. I might start taking out the easy runs of these recaps, unless something crazy happens whilst I’m doing them. It must be getting boring reading about them! I’m just proud that I actually kept the pace slow and didn’t give in to the urge to run faster.

Run #2

At least this one was a bit more interesting than the last run. It was 6M with a warmup, 5K brisk pace then a gradual cool down. The plan didn’t actually specify what to do after the 5K part so I just guessed. The zoom flys just about held up in the wet weather which I was surprised about. I’ve seen so many reviews about Nike’s zoom line being terrible in the wet. I probably just got lucky to be honest! Saying that, I’ve started to notice that the Pegasus 35 really isn’t great in wet conditions.

Run #3

Nothing too exciting, 7M steady. It’s been 4 weeks now and I still don’t really know what my ‘steady’ pace actually is. This pace was decent but didn’t kill me so I just assumed that was good enough. I’m pretty sure this was the first run that gave me a bit of calf pain after. It then cleared up so I didn’t think anything of it. As this is all new to me, it’s hard to know what pain is normal and what pain I should be worried about and slow down.

Run #4

This was probably my favourite run of the week. I was due to do it the day before but my legs just didn’t feel good. It was the first time that I’d created a workout on my Garmin and it made the run so much easier. I didn’t have to worry about the lap button and it did a 5 second countdown for the intervals. The run itself was 6M with a warmup, 3 x 6 min fast with 2 min recoveries. I’m still really enjoying interval work, I think it just makes the run go quicker because I’m changing things up.

Run #5

Yes I have just uploaded a photo with both Nike and Strava stuff on it. Nike were offering early access to the Vaporfly 4% if you ran that weekend so I had to use the Nike app too. I kept it really easy for this one because I knew the next day was a big day, the Sunday long run.

Run #6

I’ve got mixed emotions about this run. I felt amazing, found it easy enough and got home feeling really good about training. Then the pain kicked in..

As I’m writing this my calf is still hurting and I’m not really sure when I’ll be back running.

In terms of the run, it was 5M easy, 5M at marathon pace and 5M easy to finish off. All I did was run 7.5 miles away from my house and turned back, which made the run feel shorter. I always feel like I run better knowing I’m on my way back.

I decided to run the ‘marathon pace’ miles at roughly 8:30/mi, which might be a case of wishful thinking, we’ll soon find out.

I can’t lie, I’m only 3 days into this ‘no running’ stuff and it’s not fun at all. It’s a mental battle too because I go through stages of thinking I’m going to lose speed, get unfit and more importantly, not be able to eat whatever I want anymore.

I’m taking this week off for sure, unless I feel really good by the weekend. I appreciate that this is a pretty short recap so next week I’ll change it up a little bit!

Thanks for reading, peace.

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