My longest run so far / Another injury / Marathon training update

Yep, I got ANOTHER injury.

I’m starting to think my doctor was right when he said I wasn’t made for running!

Spoiler alert, I’m back running again.. I had a week and a bit off because of some pain near my achilles and I’m just about back to training properly.

I did have this post nearly finished but it took so long for me to do it that it no longer made sense as I was back running again!

Marathon training update

I won’t do a full weekly recap because like my blogging, my training has been all over the place. I skipped a workout on Friday so I was fresh for Saturday’s long run and I think that’s the sort of thing I need to do if my body is going to make it through this marathon stuff.

Here are some of the runs I’ve done in the last 2 weeks:

That was my longest run so far and it was surprisingly easy. It was a bit boring but running a long way gets like that anyway. I had a bunch of marathon paced miles in there and felt really comfortable at that speed. Weirdly this run wasn’t the one that caused my injury, I had no pains at all when I finished. That’s the bit of hope that I’m clinging onto for Paris.

The below run is the one to blame for my week off..

10 miles very easy, that didn’t turn out to be easy at all. It’s slightly worrying that running 26 miles over 2 runs gave me an injury but I’ll have to do it in under 4 hours soon. Overtraining is the only thing I can put it down to because my pace was really slow, good for recovery, but that didn’t help.

It’s definitely my fault that this ‘overtraining’ happened because I refused to miss a session and swapped a rest day around. That meant I was running 5 days in a row and my legs just didn’t get a chance to recover. Luckily, this week that I’ve missed was a recovery week and was low mileage so I picked a good week to skip!

^ This was just a slow run but I thought I’d add it in here because I feel like I blurred the line between burglar and well prepared runner.

Running in this weather is snow joke..

I didn’t really run much throughout the week, apart from an easy run and a very sweaty treadmill intervals session.

I wanted to keep my legs fresh for the 15 mile long run and I’m so glad I did. I used to absolutely hate missing any run but now I’d rather my legs in good condition and not battered, like they have been recently!

Those 15 miles went weirdly well considering the last run over 6 miles I’d done left me injured for a week. It was split by 10 miles easy then 5 miles at marathon pace and it taught me what it’ll be like to pick up the pace near the end of a run. It could just be me but I find my marathon pace a lot harder after running at an easy pace for a long period of time. (This is when you let me know that it’s not just me, so I don’t feel like a weirdo)

Random bits

Yep I’m running the Wokingham half. Feel free to shout things at me to make me speed up! It’s only about 10 minutes from where I live so would be rude not to. This means I’ll have to focus a bit more on speed work but I’m looking forward to it.

This has nothing to do with my running but just look at those pancakes..

I’ll leave you with that, thanks for reading. Peace.

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