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Dreadmill miles, lots of them / Paris Marathon training update

Back again with a weekly update for anyone who’s actually interested. I’m going to be putting together some reviews soon of new products I’ve been using so let me know if there’s anything you want me to try out or if you’ve got any recommendations for recovery gels/drinks that aren’t too tough to swallow.

I’m not sure about you lot but where I live, the snow was pretty bad at the weekend. Before I started running, snow wasn’t a big deal to me but now it just gets in the way of plans and makes sticking to training more difficult. Anyway, before I get to that, here’s a recap of last week’s runs.

2.7mi easy

That’s my sister, who hadn’t been on a run for years, then does 2.7 easy. I’ve been really enjoying going running with family recently and I’m still trying to recruit people to the running gang! It’s nice to get people out there and motivate others, even if they do out sprint me at the end..

6 treadmill miles

This was the 2nd of my 3 treadmill runs last week and my first time wearing these half tights things. Yes, I did feel like an elite marathon runner in them. The thing I really like about the treadmill is the convenience. My gym is less than a minutes walk from work so I can get changed at work, run (in the warm) and then go home. That way, once you’re home, you can relax and not have to worry about going out again. I did do another treadmill run but it was pretty standard so I won’t bore you with the details. 

Now for the big one..

18 treadmill miles

Yes I really did 18 miles on a treadmill.

As I mentioned, we had pretty bad snow where I live so road running wasn’t an option and I didn’t want to miss the run. So I grabbed my fancy tights and fancy shoes and headed to the gym.

It was one of my more eventful runs. So firstly I didn’t change the settings on the treadmill so it completely cut off after 30 minutes. Then, once that was all sorted I had to dash to the toilet (probably long run nerves).

Then, as I was watching the inbetweeners to pass the time, unknown to me, my phone was pressing the incline button on the treadmill so I started falling off the back! After all of that, I then got a text saying my parking was ending in 10 minutes so I had to go and renew it. What I didn’t realise was that this parking spot had a no return within 5 minutes rule so I had to sit in my car and wait 5 minutes to extend the parking.. not ideal in the middle of a long run.

Apart from another shut down due to a maximum time of 60 minutes, the last few miles were pretty smooth.

I can now confirm that I will never be doing 18 miles on a treadmill ever again. 

Random bits

I want to mention a few products I used during my long run (I’d love to say this is sponsored but it’s not).

Vaporfly 4% – This was my 2nd ever run in them and they were a dream. Walking in them feels a bit weird but once you start running it’s a whole new feeling from anything else I’ve worn. Also, look at them, they’re beautiful.

Nike half tights – Again, that was my 2nd run with them on and I’ll be buying a few more pairs I think. I completely forgot I was even wearing them as they’re so comfortable and not restricting at all. Plus, they make you feel like Mo Farah..

SiS gels and recovery drinks – If I’m honest, I’m a baby when it comes to trying new food and drink. I’ve been putting off using them for months now but I don’t think I’d finish the marathon without some sort of fuel. Lidl have a load of really good deals on the SiS stuff right now including a ‘running pack’ that has 19 products in it, for only £9. The gel I had on my long run was better than I anticipated. I was expecting it to be thicker but it wasn’t actually that bad, just a bit of a weird sensation at first. In terms of taste, I can’t really fault it. For a gel that’s designed for performance it tastes probably as good as it can.

It’s the same story with the recovery drinks too. They taste about as good as you’re going to get from something thats there to do a job. I never normally have my protein shakes with water (because it’s horrendous) but apparently you shouldn’t have these with milk. Watery chocolate is a bit strange but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

I think that’s enough waffling for this post. Thanks if you made it this far! Peace. 

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