Paris marathon dream is over/postponed..

When I left for a 10 mile run on Sunday, I didn’t expect to be on crutches a day later. I had been running maybe twice a week since I first felt a niggle but those runs were either a half marathon race or a long run. I’m not really sure what my plan was for Paris but I just assumed I’d be able to run it at a slower pace than planned and then deal with the pain after.

However, I ended up going to A&E yesterday because I couldn’t put any weight on my leg at all. They told me I’ve got some bad soft tissue damage, which means my dream of running 26.2 in Paris will have to wait. The exact thing I dreaded happening, has happened.

However, there are millions of people going through worse than just missing out on a marathon and it’s important that I remember that.

I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll be out for but it’s looking like 1-2 months. I’m hoping to be cycling and doing strength work as soon as I can really.

This could actually be a good thing for my running because I’ll be able to fully recover and be much smarter with training. Let’s be honest, my training was pretty poor and my recovery was genuinely awful. BUT, now I can learn from that and do a better job next time.

As gutted as I am about pulling out of Paris, I’m already excited about my journey back to running. It’s almost like a fresh start and I get to experience a lot of little goals like running a mile and then running 2 miles and all that stuff.

This is a bit of a weird post but I thought I should probably let you all know what’s going on with Paris. Also, thanks to the 100+ comments and messages I received.. I really wasn’t expecting that.

Last thing..

I’m giving away some SiS gels on my Instagram (mentioned below) as I won’t be needing them anymore.If you have any tips for coming back from injury, hit me up on IG – @kierancooperfitness. Thanks for reading, peace.

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