My journey back from injury Ep 1 // What I’ll do differently

This post only really makes sense if you’ve read my injury post, so go and read it if you haven’t already (that’s an order).

Ironically, I’m writing this on the Eurostar, which would have been on my way to run the marathon. Instead, it’s just a family holiday.. the first in nearly a decade!

So.. not be able to run is driving me crazy, so the only solution to that is to start planning my journey back. Nobody has really told me how long I’ll be out for, but judging by the pain, maybe a few months. It’s all less than ideal but it’s happened now and I need to do everything I can to recover properly. I’ll start by listing a few mistakes that I made during training, because it was a lot.

Mistakes I made

Before signing up to the marathon, I was just running with no plan, going out there to get a PB each time. Luckily, I bought a plan and for the majority of time, I stuck to it. However, because of the time I wanted, I chose an intermediate plan, which caused the first two mistakes.

Running my first marathon with a time goal was a bit of a mistake. I don’t encourage not having a time in mind but maybe don’t get too caught up on it. Next time, I’ll obviously have a rough idea of what pace I need to be running at but I won’t focus too much on the finish time.

The next mistake was choosing the intermediate plan. Yes my goal time would have suggested I choose this plan, but the difference in the plans wasn’t speed, it was the weekly mileage. So if I’d have chosen the beginner plan, I’d be doing the same paces, but less miles each week, which could have prevented this injury. I’ll probably still use a plan but it’ll be tailor made to me and will be based around 2 or 3 week day runs and a long run on the weekend.

My worst mistake of training was definitely my recovery, stretching and strength training. Up until about a month ago, I’d get in from a long run (or any run), sit down on the sofa, grab a Coke and that was it. No cool down, no stretching and no refuelling.

This was without doubt the reason I’m not able to run on Sunday.

What I’ll do differently

  • Tailor made plan
  • I’m now lucky enough to have a coach (sort of) that I can go to for any advice I need. He’ll be putting a plan together for me and it’ll be tailored to me specifically. This means that any of my weaknesses and issues that I have will all be taken into consideration.

  • Less pressure on finish time
  • I’m really bad when it comes to putting pressure on myself. I build things up and give myself too many unrealistic targets. I’ll still have a time in mind, purely for pace purposes, but I won’t be putting myself under immense pressure to achieve it. Now that I’ve had to pull out of Paris, I can appreciate how tough training a marathon actually is. So I’m less worried about time and more motivated by just completing the 26.2 miles.

  • Look after myself more
  • This means things like making sure I cool down and stretch after each run. I now stretch or do yoga nearly everyday and it’s going to be a huge part of my recovery from injury. I’m also back in the gym cycling and working on my strength in particularly weak areas. My hips, glutes and hamstrings were causing a whole bunch of issues back in training.


    I’m hoping to be back running within a month or two, but will need to just be careful and not rush it. I’ll 100% be running Paris next year but will probably stick to shorter distances until I feel ready to step up. I’m already beginning to realise that just being able to run is an amazing thing, never-mind running races.

    Also, when I’m back from Paris I’ll be getting some more NTF gear made. If you don’t know what it is, I’ll add some pictures below. It stands for Nine to Five and is a concept I’ve created for runners who work full time or have busy lives, yet still manage to fit it in. It’s in it’s infancy but I’ve got a lot of plans for it. I’ve always loved clothes (and shoes) and also creating my own clothes, so this is all exciting for me. Thanks to everyone that’s already messaged me about it!

    That’s about it for this post, I’ll stop rambling on. Thanks for reading, peace.

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