Behind The Runner #1 – Ben Elmore

Name and Instagram?

Ben Elmore and it’s @bje7

What got you into running? 

After playing football near enough all my life, I stopped playing in 2011 when I went to Uni. I had probably put on about 4-5 stone since then. I then started playing again in 2016 for about 18 months but I was just far too overweight, unfit and injury prone. 

In April 2018 we got an email at work for one of the charities we work with offering a list of events to raise money for, one of them being the Sheffield 10k – there it was, a reason to help me shift some weight and help raise money at the same time. Win win. 

I never would of thought I’d be a runner but I caught the bug straight away and have only got more and more into it since.

Do you think your interest in clothes and shoes helps with motivation to run? 

I wouldn’t necessarily say it helps with motivation but I do love a new pair of shoes. 

Top 3 pairs?

1) Next% with Flyknit Upper 

2) Flyknit 4% 

3) OG 4% (sorry, not sorry for a generic Nike fanboy list).

You’ve made huge improvements in the last 6 months or so, what do you put that down to? 

Honestly I think it’s just down to consistency. The past few months I’ve been focusing on just having 3 key sessions a week.. a steady one, an interval session & a long(ish) one. Also learning to rest when necessary, simple as that. 

Favourite race moment so far?

Has to be crossing the finish line of the Sheffield 10k this year. I’ve put some serious effort in to running the past 12 months or so & I kind of realised that in those few seconds. 

Favourite non race moment so far?

Joining Steel City Striders 💛💚

Future plans and goals with running?

My short term goal is to tick off a sub 90 half marathon. Long term is to just keep going and hopefully I’ll continue to see more improvements. Also at some point in the future I want to do a marathon, just don’t know when. 

Favourite thing about running?

Just being able to go out and run whenever, wherever. 

Least favourite thing about running?

Injuries.. I don’t cope well with them at all.

Quick-fire questions

Favourite animal – Dogs

Favourite meal – Tough one. Depends on my mood but would never turn down a Chinese.

Favourite tv series – South Park/Phoenix Nights

Dream job – Honestly, no idea.

A weird fact about you – I’ve never eaten a salad in my 26 years (never will either)

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