Behind The Runner #2 – Thomas Holden

IG handle?


How did you get into running?

I got into running as I wanted a way to raise money for Movember charity… I’ve cycled for years, but even when you race, you don’t raise money. So this was a great way to keep fit, stay active, remain competitive but also do good for someone out there suffering.

How are you finding running compared to cycling? (I did some IG digging)

I’m really enjoying running. I still love cycling and always will, but I’ve done it for so many years that it’s great to have a change and mix it up. I have noticed though, there is no letting up with running. When you’re suffering, there’s no form of stopping and still rolling like cycling when you’re free-wheeling, with running if you stop moving your legs, you stop completely! On a brighter note, I’m saving lots of money, running trainers are peanuts compared to bikes!


I saw you’re running marathon in April, what are your plans for that? 

Yeah I’m running the Brighton full marathon in April 2020, which will be my first full 26.2 miles… I’m obviously excited, it was a bucket list thing to do, but also so nervous as even a half marathon can test me still. I’m just about to start having coaching for the full marathon from New Level Coaching so as I receive the most beneficial form of training programme to suit my needs and most of all to prevent injury!

Are you running it for charity? If so, what’s the link?

I’m raising money for Movember charity. I’ve raised a few times for them in the past, I think they’re a real cool charity and I’m super proud to raise awareness for them. Please check it out and it would be amazing if you could donate, either go onto Movember website and click donate, then enter my name: Thomas Holden or follow this link:

Favourite race day outfit?

My ‘current’ favourite race day kit is Ciele Athletics Cap, I think they’re rad and love the bright colours as they’re easy for my girlfriend to pick me out of the crowd. A Nike short sleeve top however I feel a vest is on its way, I need that pro look. Short Nike shorts, but not too short, don’t want to distract anyone! Mid length Rapha Cycling socks as I hate the no sock look, and Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit trainers which are just sick, can’t recommend them enough… that carbon foot plate is another level!


Top 3 pairs?

Top 3 pairs… I’ve only really tried the Zoom Fly before, but also fancy trying Hoka One One’s at some point… anything that’s going to make me quick and comfy… I guess that’s what everyone wants…

Favourite thing about running?

Favourite thing about running….it doesn’t take a lot of time unlike cycling, I can go for a half an hour run and it’ll still be a great session… cycling requires more saddle time.


Least favourite thing?


Has running helped any other aspects of your life?

Yeah I guess it has. Often after a tough day at work, I stick my headphones on, listen to headspace or chilled music and just run to clear my head, it doesn’t take long and I’ve forgot what happened a few hours ago.


What are your passions outside of running? 

I assume you’ve worked it out by now, I’ve mentioned cycling quite a lot… I generally just love the outdoors!

If you could big up anyone who’s helped you up until now, who would it be?

Big up to Kayla, my girlfriend, she has been the main one shouting at my races, helping me stretch in the mornings, feeding me porridge before my races at 5:30am, carrying my kit like a yak, and motivating me to no end… she has made my journey that much easier even when it hurts the most, she believes in me every step of the way, i truly love her for that!


Quick fire

Favourite animal – Black panther

Favourite meal – Carbonara

Favourite tv series – Friends

Dream job – My own cafe/cycling/running shop

A weird fact about you – I can’t brush my teeth without the toothpaste running down my hand and arm…it’s an embarrassing and messy sight!

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