Behind The Runner #3 – Chris Bird



How did you get into running?

When I was 12 I ran in an area XC school race against the 13/14 year olds and came top 10. Then my friend introduced me to the local running club.

At what point did you realise you were really quick?

To this day I don’t think I’m quick. I know I have huge potential, but if I ever reach it is another thing. I guess it’s just a case like any other runner just wanting to continue improving.


What’s it like to win a race?

Winning is good, but I’d take a faster time over winning because long term that’s going to benefit me more. I’m one of those people that are always looking at what I can do to improve.

What’s your go-to race outfit?

  • Nike Aeroswift vest
  • Nike Aeroswift half shorts
  • Nike Vaporfly NEXT %IMG_0744

Top 3 pairs?

  • Nike Vaporfly NEXT %637acaa67ab4e5121b15e2f19a693736


  • Nike Pegasus Turbonike-zoom-pegasus-35-turbo-0018-1530560987


  • Hoka One One Clifton19-08-2019_hoka_clifton6_nebulasblue_lemon_1102872-ebpa_jm_1

Favourite running moment?

It was a while back when I was 19.. I did the Brighton 10k. My PB was 34 minutes and my coach at the time told me to run the first 5k in 16.30, then to have a burn up on the way back. I ran the second 5k in 15.09 and came in 4th in 31.39. I must’ve passed 30+ runners and to this day that’s the easiest run I’ve ever done.

Favourite thing about running?

Knowing that you can always improve. There is always a forward progression unlike many other sports where you can get stuck at a certain level. Anybody who runs, knows they can improve.


Least favourite thing about running?

Injuries.. not being able to run. Until you can’t run you don’t realise how demoralising it is to be crocked, watching your fitness vanish.

Future plans and goals with running?

Short term, Barcelona half marathon and London marathon. I want to finally get under 69 minutes and 2.30. Long term, to get as fast as possible over 26.2 miles and complete the Abbots 6 marathon majors.

Quick fire:

Favourite animal – Dog

Favourite meal – Chicken curry

Favourite TV series – Prison break

Dream job – Tottenham manager 

Tell me something weird about you – My real surname is Pasquale 


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