5 Great Nike.com Sale Deals – Mens

I know I know, I’ve broken my promise of not doing a sale post about Nike again..

But I just noticed some big discounts so wanted to share with everyone. I’ll keep it short and sweet, here they are:

1. Vaporfly 4% Flyknit – £146.47 https://www.nike.com/gb/t/vaporfly-4-flyknit-running-shoe-KJV9fn/AJ3857-601

2. Apple Watch Series 4 GPS + Cellular Nike+ – £449.47 https://www.nike.com/gb/t/apple-watch-series-4-with-nike-sport-band-44mm-sport-watch-p7jk5K/AP0332-002

3. Nike Trail Dri-FIT – £13.47 https://www.nike.com/gb/t/trail-dri-fit-running-t-shirt-mHLDf9

4. Essential Running Trousers – £33.47 https://www.nike.com/gb/t/essential-running-trousers-jrnwL4/AA4199-010

5. Nike AeroLayer Hooded Jacket – £62.47 https://www.nike.com/gb/t/aerolayer-hooded-running-jacket-KLw6lS/AH0544-395

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