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Nike Wildhorse 6 First Impressions – Amateur Runner Review

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m back with another Amateur Runner Review. This time I’ll be talking about my first impressions on the Nike Wildhorse 6, which is actually my first ever trail running shoe.

I was lucky enough to pick these up on sale for £84.00, which I think is incredible value for a shoe like this. As I just mentioned, this is my first trail running shoe, so I don’t exactly have anything to compare it to. However, I watch tonnes of reviews on YouTube so I’d like to think I know a tiny bit about shoes.

Initial Thoughts

If I’m honest, I initially bought these based on how they look. They’re a completely different style to the Wildhorse 5 and for me it’s a huge improvement. From what I’d heard, and the fact that these are the cheapest of the Nike trail shoes, I wasn’t expecting much.

I was pleasantly surprised on the first run and I don’t think I’m the only one to underestimate these. They’re a lot more comfortable than I was expecting from a trail shoe and the react foam feels amazing under foot.


As always with Nike, the design of the Wildhorse 6 is a big statement. I’m a huge fan of what Nike are doing with their trail running line at the moment, especially the colour ways they’re using. The yellow heel is probably a love it or hate it feature but Nike always seem to be ahead of the times with things like this. I did hear that the swoosh is made up of old recycled shoes and if that’s true, that’s a really cool feature.

One of the main things that caught my eye with the Wildhorse 6 was the higher ankle collar which adds a kind of sock like effect. I did have a few concerns about it rubbing but so far so good. Something that confused me a bit was the fact that the eyelets are different on each side. I’m not sure if that has any use at all but I’ll do my research for the full review!


I’ve only done roughly 10 miles in these so this is all subject to change, but I’m pretty excited to keep running in the Wildhorse 6. I have to run about half a mile to get to the trails and what surprised me the most was how good these felt on the pavement. I was expecting them to be really firm and uncomfortable because of the more extreme lugs on the sole, but they were absolutely fine.

They really come alive when you hit the dirt and the full length react foam takes the comfort and performance to another level. They’re a really good mix between cushioned and responsive.. something that I think the Kiger 5 was known for. Speaking of the Kiger, I have seen a few people actually choose these over the Kiger. That just shows how much Nike have improved the Wildhorse this year. My first run took me over some really rocky paths and I had no issues with any sharp rocks and also no issues with the stability of the shoe.

Questions from Instagram followers

Before posting this I asked if any of my followers wanted me to address anything in the review so here’s a few of them:

Do they feel heavy?

So the Wildhorse 6 is actually quite a bit heavier than the 5 (289g), which is a bit strange. However, the introduction of the react foam and a lot more materials makes sense of that. To answer the question, not at all. If I hadn’t read that they were a lot heavier, I wouldn’t have ever noticed. Obviously if you go from a Vaporfly to these, you’ll notice. But when you’re out on the trails you won’t feel a huge difference.

Are they comfortable?

I kind of touched on this earlier but yes they are very comfortable. Even when I was wearing them around the house they felt really cushioned and it made me want to just run. I’ve made use of the extra eyelet to get them really locked down and I’ve got no complaints at all about the comfort.

Better than the Kiger 6?

I can only go off of what I’ve read and seen on YouTube, but I’d say they are. The new Kiger’s seem like they’re only marginally different to the old ones and I guess that could be down to the 5 being good enough already? Just based on the price, I’d personally go for the Wildhorse.


The only slight negative I have with these is the heel tab. I struggle to get my finger under the tab which kind of defeats the object of it. As this is only the first impressions review, I’m sure there will be a few more negatives to talk about later on.

Let me know what you think of the new Wildhorse 6, or any of the Nike trail line up. Thanks for reading! Peace.

Nike Wildhorse 6













  • Cushioned
  • Responsive enough
  • Sock heel feature adds to comfort
  • Great value


  • Heel tab isn't great

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