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Nike Vomero 14 First run – Amateur Runner Review

I’m back with another shoe review.. this time it’s the Nike Vomero 14. I’ve been on the fence about picking up a pair of these for months now but when I got the chance to grab them for £50, I couldn’t say no.

I’ll keep these initial reviews fairly quick and to the point because I want to go a bit more in depth on my full review. Also, disclaimer.. the title is a bit misleading because I’ve actually done two runs in these now. My first run was only 2 miles so I wanted to get a bit more out of them before I came on here. Both runs were done at fairly easy paces and the 2nd run was actually mostly on trails, which was surprisingly good.

Initial Thoughts

I’ve said this to a few people now and I’ll say it on here.. Vaporflys aside, the Vomero 14 is the best feeling running shoe I’ve ever worn straight out of the box. I’m quite a heavy guy so I was really looking forward to the extra bulk that they come with. That, along with the React Foam are the reasons I actually chose these over the Pegasus 36, which still use the Cushlon.

The React Foam has proved very popular and it’s not hard to see why. It’s got the perfect blend of cushion and responsiveness, giving you a great daily trainer. I definitely felt this on my first (and second) run in them and I even had a few miles where I felt like I was just floating along, eating up the miles.


This is a review from a very amateur runner so I won’t get into any science, but the Vomero 14 features a full length Zoom Air unit along with the Nike React cushioning. As I mentioned earlier, the midsole was the reason I bought these. Not only does it have that mix of Zoom Air and Nike React, it’s also a bit chunkier than the Pegasus 36, so it makes me feel more stable.

Another huge factor in the Vomero 14’s comfort is the pillow like padding inside the heel cup. It does a great job at making your ankle feel comfortable but also locked in. Nike have put this kind of padding a lot of their shoes now and as always, they’ve smashed it.

One cool thing about the design of the Vomero 14 is the extra protection where your big toe would be. I’ve seen a lot of people have issues in the past with their big toe rubbing on the material and sometimes even breaking through. I don’t know how effective this is or if it’s just for show, either way it’s cool.


I’ll go into more detail on the performance in the full review but for now, here are my thoughts..

I have to say, I’ll struggle to find another shoe for £50 that feels this good. Price aside, I was blown away by the mix of comfort and performance that these Vomero 14’s give you. My first run in them was very short but I did get up to at least half marathon pace in them and they felt really good.

The second run was when they really shone for me. It was a mix of trails and road running with a lot of inclines, declines and sharp turns. The cushion and responsiveness carried over from road to trail and as long as the weather stays warm, I’ll be using them for hard ground trail running. Mainly because I have to run about a mile on the road before I get to the trail. When I was on the road with these, I had that rare moment of feeling like you’re running without even trying to, that ‘runners high’ that people describe.

I’ll test them out at some slower and faster paces and let you know how they feel.


Just one.. Bulk = weight

Stay tuned for the full review, thanks for reading, peace.

Nike Vomero 14











  • Heel padding adds to comfort
  • Feels stable
  • A lot of shoe for the money
  • React Foam excellent


  • Extra bulk adds weight

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