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Nike Pegasus Turbo 2 – Amateur Runner Review

Yes.. I’m very late to the party on this one but here are my initial thoughts on the Nike Pegasus Turbo 2. As always I’ll give a more detailed review once I’ve done around 50 miles in them. Just in case anyone was wondering.. I picked these up in the Nike sale a few weeks back for £110.

Initial Thoughts

I knew what to expect in regards to the mid-sole on the Turbo 2’s because I had a few pairs of the originals. However, Nike have given the upper a complete makeover and I’m a big fan of it. The first thing I noticed was how light they felt. I haven’t looked up the official figures but these have to be lighter than the originals.. they have a lot less bulk in them. I normally prefer a bit of bulk but not in a faster shoe.

If I’m honest, my first run in these was really short and I had to stop a few times due to a niggle in my calf. So I’m using my 2nd run in them for my first impressions. It was a mile fartlek run with negative splits and it felt amazing in these shoes. If you’ve never run in Nike’s Zoom X, you really need to. It’s so soft yet still gives you that responsiveness that you want from a faster shoe.

Design & Performance

The mid-sole is exactly the same as the previous generation (I’m pretty sure), so I’ll just mention the upper and how it performed.

From a design perspective, I have to say that I actually preferred the look of the original Pegasus Turbo. I know that’ll be a very unpopular opinion but I really liked the stripe and just felt like it made the shoe stand out. I’m not saying I don’t like the Turbo 2’s, I do. They’re still a really nice looking shoe and they still look like a cool fast pair of running trainers, just not as cool as the first gen.

One thing I was worried about was the heel slip. When I first walked around in them I felt like it’d be an issue. However, it’s not noticeable when you’re actually running.. or you just get used to the feeling. Either way, it’s not an issue. I actually felt like my feet were really well locked in to the shoe and as always I was making use of all eyelets.

It’s hard to go into much detail after only 10 miles but so far, I’m really enjoying them. The update to the upper was a really good move and I think it’ll be enough to change the minds of the people that hated the original Turbo. It’s light, breathable, secure and has a nice flat tongue.


I haven’t had any issues so far, but I have seen a lot of people with the bunching issue with the front upper. I assume it’s because they have to tie them up so tight and it’s pulling the spare material together on the toe box.

So that’s my first impressions on the Nike Pegasus Turbo 2.. Kepp an eye out for the full review! Thanks for reading, peace.

Nike Pegasus Turbo 2











  • Zoom X Foam is brilliant
  • Great fast paced shoe
  • New upper is a huge improvement


  • None for me yet

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