Behind The Runner #4 – Leon Cerrone

Behind The Runner is back! I’ll get straight into it..

  • Tell me a bit about yourself.. How you got into running, day job etc

My name is Leon Cerrone, I’m originally from Birmingham but now reside in North London with my fiancé and pooch haha. I work for a tailors on Savile row as my day job.

I got into running through a cycling accident really. I had an accident whilst out riding and smashed my left arm in 6 places.. Had to have some pins put in and I was sat on the sofa not being able to ride. I signed up for a half marathon… and the rest is history as they say!

  • I’m a sucker for a nice running singlet and I know you have some heat, so what are your favourite singlets?

My favourite singlet I own would have to be the first one I ever raced in, which is a Nike elite one I picked up off eBay. Then followed closely by my Highgate Harriers club singlet. 

  • Do you think being interested in fashion makes running more interesting? If so, what do you look for in running clothes?

Yeah I guess you could say being interested or working in fashion, influences my running. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t almost look at a running outfit in the same way I do day-day stuff. 

  • Favourite running shoes?

Man I’m big fan of all the different Pegasus that Nike have out at the minute and I’m eagerly awaiting the 37 drop. Obviously the vaporfly next % and I’m a fan of the vomeros. 

  • One model of shoe to run in for the rest of your life?

Ah I’d run in a Pegasus forever if I had to!

  • Favourite race moment?

Favourite race moment would have to be crossing the line with my girlfriend at the time and now fiance at the London marathon. 

  • Favourite running memory outside of a race?

Ah too many to mention.. before lockdown I use to run most Wednesday mornings with a good, good friend of mine.  It’s a 5am start for me which means it’s a pretty long day with work included, but I do love running around central London and the cabana at that time. Especially as I then spend the rest of the day working there, I enjoy seeing how much the city changes in those few hours. 

  • Favourite place to run and why?

Ah there are really too many favourites! But the pergola has to be a favourite, it’s never busy and almost seems like it’s a secret still.

We are super blessed being located in North London where we are. You can run to ally pally, primrose hill to watch the sunrise over the city or head to lakes at Hampstead, or the canal whilst the sun comes up there! 

  • What’s your favourite thing about running as a sport?

My favourite thing about running is that is doesn’t really matter what your time is fast or slow we’re all pulling and heading for the same goals. 

  • Least favourite thing about running?

Haven’t got a least favourite thing yet haha

  • What are your future plans and goals with running?

Well I of course would like to try and go sub 3 in the marathon. I’ve been unlucky in my last 2 attempts due to injury.. but I felt like this block went the best ever even though I knew I had no chance to race London in April and probably this year now. 

  • The London running scene is huge right now, what do you think about the rise of running crew’s and groups?

I’m still pretty new to the running scene, nearly 3 years and the running crew thing has been on the rise for a while. But it’s great and only a positive, the more that want to run! 

  • What was it like being on the cover of Runners World? How did that come about?

Ha the front cover of runners world was a bonkers memory for sure! I was part of the new balance London marathon campaign last year and was asked to do the front cover.

  • Your music collection is crazy, how did that start and where does the inspiration come from?

My love for music came at a young age.. I’m nearly 38 and grew up in an age with only 4 channels on the t.v. We never watched much tele at home, my dad was a DJ part time and my mom loves music too. I have very fond memories of dads fancy stacker system back in the day and him struggling to put speakers on the walls in corners of rooms.. and even fonder memories of mom bellowing out Whitney Houston songs as she got us ready for school.  So my family is my biggest inspiration music wise I’d say.

  • Top 3 albums of all time?

Top 3 albums that’s way tooooo hard!!

  • Are you still cycling? Do you think that has made you a better runner?

I do still try and ride a little but the running has pretty much taken over my life ha.

  • Favourite place to ride and why?

Fav place to ride… the motherland of course Italia

Quick fire

  • Morning run or evening run

Morning run

  • Running watch of choice

Garmin 235 at the mo

  • Road or trails


  • Half tights or full length

Both 🤷🏽‍♂️ one leg of each 😂

  • Your go-to coffee order


  • Favourite animal


  • Favourite meal

Proper Italian meatballs

  • Favourite tv series

Sopranos 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dream job

Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to be a gangster (goodfellas quote😂) no in all seriousness my own shop of some sort.

  • Tell me something weird about you

I have a very in depth fascination and knowledge on the Vietnam war🤷🏽‍♂️

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