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Garmin Forerunner 645 Music in 2020 – Still worth it?

So I finally upgraded the Forerunner 230, to the Forerunner 645 Music. I’ve had some experience with better watches than the 230, for example the Fenix 5 which I had during marathon training. I loved that watch but sold it when I was having a bit of a break up with running..

I’ve been using the FR 645 for just over a week now so I thought I’d give my first impressions on it. As this is going to be a quick first impressions on the watch, let me know if you’d like a more detailed review in a month or so.

Why I chose the Forerunner 645

Once I’d decided that I needed to upgrade, I narrowed the search down to the Forerunner 245, or the 645. The 245 looks like an incredible watch, especially compared to the 235 and it was a close match up. The deciding factor for me was the music. I knew going into it that whatever watch I went for needed the ability to store music offline. I know the 245 does have a music version, but when I considered the prices of both watches, it made sense to get the 645.

I paid £249.99 for the 645 Music, which is roughly the same price as the 245 without music. I guess this ties in with my title about whether or not I think it’s worth it in 2020.

Initial thoughts

I don’t know why but I was expecting the watch to be chunkier than it is, I think I had the expectation of a Fenix 5 kind of watch and also the Forerunner 230 is quite wide.

Other than the size, everything was pretty much as I expected for a decent Garmin. It’s easy to get used to all of the features, fits nice and works really well with the Garmin apps. After using the 230, the user system on the 645 seems incredible. It looks modern, has good colour and just feels great to use in general.

So far I’ve only used the run and walk modes but I plan to use a lot more of the different functions in the next few weeks. The two modes that I have used, are pretty perfect for me. It’s really easy to customise the data fields so you can see everything you need to and more! In terms of battery life so far, I did a 6 mile run with music and it used up 13%, which is pretty decent. It’s not the best battery life out there but if you’re going to be using music, you won’t be getting the most out of the battery anyway.

One big improvement I noticed compared to the Forerunner 230 was the time it took to get GPS connected. On the 645 it’s pretty much instant, which is especially good when you just want to get the run started without waiting around.

Things I liked

Music – You probably expected this but it’s so nice to not have to take your phone with you on your run if you want music or a podcast to listen to. The set up process was simple and it’s also very easy to get music on there with Spotify. I haven’t timed it yet but it only takes a few minutes for a playlist to download. It’s also really easy to navigate the music feature when you’re running, you just hold the down button and it pops up. The one small ‘issue’ I did notice was that the music was a bit jumpy at times but never for long. Get in touch and let me know what kinds of things you listen to when you’re exercising.

Different activity modes – I was really surprised by the amount of different activity modes that you can use. It ranges from the obvious things like run, walk, swim.. to things like trail running and snowboarding. One I can’t wait to test out is the yoga mode. I’m trying to get into yoga and it’ll be good to see how many calories I burn doing it.

Garmin Connect App – This isn’t exactly groundbreaking but I’m still really enjoying it. The app just makes the whole experience so much better. You can easily create your own workouts and sync them to your watch which is a cool feature. You can also see pretty much every bit of data that you’d ever need, so if you like dissecting your run to check your progress, you’ll love it. It’s also really good for things like watch faces and other apps that aren’t built into the watch to begin with.

Price – By this, I mean the current price. As I said earlier I picked mine up for only £249.99, which I think is very good value for the amount of watch you get.

No dislikes yet..

Based off of things like the price and the amount of features the watch has (especially spotify), I’d say the Forerunner 645 Music is definitely still worth buying in 2020.

That’s about it for my initial thoughts on the Garmin Forerunner 645! I’ll continue to use it and do a more comprehensive review in a few weeks if that would help anybody. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to test or comment on. Thanks for reading, peace.

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