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Apple Watch SE Nike+ For Runners – Initial Review

Yep, I’ve moved back to the Apple Watch.. Why? That’s a question for another day and another post. For now though, here are my first impressions on the Apple Watch SE Nike+ Edition.

I bought the watch direct from Apple online and to be fair to them, it arrived within 24 hours which is impressive. I went for the SE GPS model in 44m space grey, mainly because it was the least out there colour. My last Apple Watch was silver with the white and black band so this time I’ve gone a bit more subtle.

As this is a review on the watch for runners, I’ll skip the setup process and go straight into the fitness side of it. When I say ‘for runners’, I don’t just mean running, I mean everything a runner would use an Apple Watch for and I’ll break it down into sections.

The Nike Run Club app

As of today, I’ve only been using the Nike Run Club app on the watch to record my runs. When I write my full review I would have used multiple different apps so watch out for that.

The cool thing about the Nike+ edition is that you get exclusive watch faces that can take you straight to the Nike Run Club app. As you can see in the image below (if I remember to insert it), the watch face I’m using right now also gives a few details of your most recent run. I’m not entirely sure why I love this feature so much, maybe because I like to be reminded of my hard work, but it’s cool to have.

The app itself is amazing and I’ll probably have to do a separate review on it in the near future. For now, I’ll go over my initial thoughts and a few things that I like and don’t like about it.

Mid-run data – This might annoy a few people but for me, having my data read out to me by the watch is really handy. It’s especially good for those runs where I’m trying to focus and not keep looking down at the watch. Also, in the winter months, I’ll often have long sleeves on with thumb holes, so the watch will be covered up and I’ll need the voice to know how I’m doing on the run.

Shoe mileage – This is one of my favourite things about the Nike Run Club app. It allows you to input what shoes you have in your current rotation (not just Nike) and at the end of a run you can select which shoes you were wearing. This then adds up all the miles you’ve done in the shoes and shows you in a separate screen in the app. I love this feature and it’s especially good if you’re reviewing shoes and need to know how many miles you’ve done in them. It’s not just good for that though, you might want to retire the shoes at a certain distance and replace them, so it’s perfect for that.

Guided runs – Nike have given us a huge amount of guided runs and different workouts to follow. It’s such a cool feature and it’s really refreshing to have someone actually talking to you and encouraging you on your run.

Negatives so far – The first negative for me is that there isn’t an easy lap button to press when you’re doing an interval session of some sort. It’s not a huge issue because I know the Apple Watch’s own running activity has a lap system so I will use that for sessions. The other issue I have with it is the lack of data fields. Don’t get me wrong, there are more than enough for you to be happy with it, but I’d like a few more, like my lap pace or even if it flashed up on screen what my last lap time was.

I do actually really like the way the data fields are shown on the watch face though. The twilight mode looks really cool and it’s really useful to be able to tap a data field and have it show something else.

There are loads more things but I want to save the rest for the full app review! A few that I haven’t gone into are the design, the exclusive benefits on Nike products and lots more.

Running in general

Spoiler alert.. I’m loving this watch and it’s been amazing so far. Here are a few things I’ve noticed so far, before the full review comes:

GPS – This has been really accurate compared to my previous runs with my Garmin, which has been a worry of mine in the past with other Apple Watches. It’s really convenient that the watch doesn’t need to get a GPS signal before you can run, so I’m no longer waving my arm about waiting for one!

Battery life – I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it! I’ve tested it a few times from full battery and found that a 6 mile run only took 6% of the battery. That seems incredible to me considering the lack of battery life on previous Apple Watches. I’ve also been keeping an eye on how long the full charge lasts and I’m getting at least a day and a half, sometimes close to 2 days. That’s with me doing multiple workouts too.

Cross training – One of the reasons I went back to Apple from Garmin is because I feel like Apple’s activity app is just better than the other activities on a Garmin. I found that on my Forerunner 645 my calories and effort during strength sessions and HIIT sessions would be really inconsistent. Since swapping over, I’m much more confident that it’s accurate and it’s just a better user interface in general. There are more specific activities to me and it’s easier to use. As we all know, cross training is huge for runners, especially one’s like me who are constantly trying to get stronger and avoid injuries!

Workout detection – I had to test this out before I actually believed it because it’s pretty clever. If you forget to start a run or start a workout, the watch will bring up a screen which prompts you to start one. It will guess what you’ve been doing based on your movements and that blows my mind. I was running to the shops one day and a few minutes in it asked if I wanted to record a run, so I clicked yes. It actually started the run from back at my house when I started to run, which is pretty crazy. Technology these days..

That’s about it for the first impressions, although once again I went way beyond my actual first impressions. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to test out or any specific apps you want tested. Thanks for reading, peace.

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