Breaking 20 In The 5k – Episode 1

If you follow my Instagram (@dumbbellsandmarathons_) you’ll know what this series is about, but the title says it all really..

Breaking 20 in the 5k has always been a goal of mine and I feel like it’s a huge barrier for this distance. In this first episode I’ll be going through my reasons for choosing the 5k, the plan I’m going to be following, the kit I’ll be using and maybe a few more random extras.

The 5k

The main reason for choosing the 5k is a bit of a lazy one really. As it’s such a short race, the training isn’t too loaded with miles. The cold and dark days have already begun so if I can start a plan that is only around 10 miles a week, that’s good to me.

Also, I’m still being careful about my hip as I really don’t want to end up injured and out long term. The 5k just seemed like the best option for my circumstance right now and my brother in law has agreed to do it with me which is an added bonus.

The plan

I’m using this as a chance to test out the customised plans that you can get from the Nike Run Club app. They basically just ask you a bunch of questions and then build the plan for you based on your answers. It’s quite impressive how quickly they create the plan and I’m looking forward to testing out the different sessions that Nike come up with.

One of the best features with the Nike Run Club plan is that it links up to the Nike Training app and gives you strength sessions to do on your rest days. A lot of us runners tend to neglect our strength and conditioning so this is a perfect way to get it into your routine.

The kit

Clothes – A mixture of Nike and Boohoo Man

Watch – Apple Watch SE Nike+ Edition 44mm

Shoes are all Nike unsurprisingly…

Workouts – Nike Alphafly, Nike Vaporfly 4% and Nike Vaporfly Next%

Easy days – Nike React Miler and Nike Vomero 14

Trail – Nike Pegasus Trail 2

Everything else

I’ll be implementing a lot of strength work into this challenge, probably more than you normally should. I’ve built a home gym so I’m currently using that 4-5 times a week.

I think that’s about it for the first post of the Breaking 20 Challenge. The first week is only 1 long (ish) run because I started on a Saturday, so episode 2 will be out very soon.

If you have any tips or want to ask me anything, get in touch. Thanks for reading, peace.

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