Getting rid of my chicken legs – My typical leg day

Thanks to my skinny genes and skipping leg day for years, I’ve got a long way to go when it comes to building a good set of legs. However, I’ve been really enjoying leg day for the last 3 or 4 months and thought I’d make a quick post about what exercises I’m doing at

Being honest with myself – My diet, my training etc.

I’ll get straight to the point.. I’ve been slacking a lot recently in lots of different ways: with my diet, my training, my blog. My diet This is the area I’ve neglected the most. I’ve always promoted the idea of a flexible diet but recently I’ve been taking it a bit too far, eating basically

Full Day of Eating – Holiday Edition

This will be quick post but I had a few people interested in what I was eating on holiday (a lot, that’s what). If you follow my Instagram or have read my last post, you’ll know I was running quite a bit on holiday and was burning over 1000 calories a day. This meant that