5 tips for injured runners – My journey back from injury Ep 2

I’ve been sidelined from running for nearly 2 months now and I’m at the point where I’d pay some serious money to be pain free! I’ve had little injuries before but nothing has kept me out for this long and it’s definitely a learning experience. I’ve come up with some tips for anyone else out

Running and mental health – My experience with anxiety

Mental health has been a big topic recently (should be all the time) so I thought I’d add my ‘experiences’ of it into the mix. I personally experience social anxiety. Unless I’m with someone I’m really close to, I get really anxious in any type of social situation and it’s less than ideal. Last weekend

My journey back from injury Ep 1 // What I’ll do differently

This post only really makes sense if you’ve read my injury post, so go and read it if you haven’t already (that’s an order). Ironically, I’m writing this on the Eurostar, which would have been on my way to run the marathon. Instead, it’s just a family holiday.. the first in nearly a decade! So..